KontrolFreek Announces Their Destiny CQC Signature Edition


Today, KontrolFreek launched their first official performance thumbstick for the hit game, Destiny. The Destiny CQC Signature Edition is the first product that KontrolFreek has created with their partnership with Bungie, who are the masterminds behind Destiny.

Fans will notice that the thumbsticks will have the Destiny tricorn logo. Both companies conducted studies that included Destiny developers, as well as players and the KontrolFreak community – this would help craft the best thumbstick for the game.

“Our highest priority was to design a product with KontrolFreek that would be the most effective and beneficial for Destiny players,” said Jim McQuillan, Visual Identity and Brand Creative Director at Bungie.

KontrolFreek’s President and CEO, Ashish Mistry, echoed McQuillan’s sentiments:

“We all wanted to make sure that this was the best possible design for Destiny players, and the result is a whole new thumbstick concept,” said Mistry. “A lot of research and love went into these performance thumbsticks, and they are uniquely crafted for Destiny gameplay. We can’t wait to see how Destiny fans react to them.”

  • Destiny CQC is a mid-rise (8.0mm) thumbstick that has a metallic silver-on-black color scheme. What are the features of the new Destiny CQC? Well, the thumbstick features a hybrid convex/concave thumbpad, which was developed from the research conducted by Bungie and KontrolFreek.
  • Players will have notice a slightly domed surface that is surrounded by an elevated outer rim, this will help to decrease slippage during your gameplay.
  • Players will also notice that the rubber composite thumbpad offers a soft, triangular external ridges, which emulate tire treads for the best control and grip.

KontrolFreek Destiny CQC Signature Edition will be available online and in retail stores worldwide.