Announcing the Xbox One and Surface Pro 4 Bundle and Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft is thinking about both work and play with the bundle deal they have going on now. While some are just now enjoying summer time freedom. Microsoft is getting ready for the Back to school season. Starting today (June 29th 2016) you can bundle an Xbox One (gaming console) with a Surface Pro 4, or a Surface Book (Windows 10 devices) and save $300. The offer is valid until August 24th 2016.

For those of you who need a bit of convincing in getting both a computer and an Xbox, Microsoft has conducted research on the benefits of gaming:

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 / Surface Book Xbox One Bundle

Check out some awesome things people have done using the Microsoft Surface HERE


Video Game Play + The Mind**

  • Those who play 5+ hours of video games per week see a 1.75x high odds of being higher intellectual functioning and 1.88 times higher level of overall high school success.
  • Gamers have higher levels of attention span and faster processing responses allowing them to multi-task more effectively in a variety of real-world complicated scenarios.
  • Game play, in particular, video game play, not only improves our cognitive ability to learn but has been proven historically to drive new patterns of thinking and innovation.
  • Play stimulates our brains in new and novel ways allowing us to make free connections between concepts or ideas that would not have naturally come to us. From the comedians who write SNL to the surgeons gearing up for surgery, a small amount of game play can make them more creative, more inventive and more productive.

**Research completed by professor Daphne Bavelier


You can learn more about the Surface and Xbox One Bundle at

Windows 10 Anniversary

Also if you get a Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book you will get to enjoy the new features brought by the new Windows 10 Anniversary arriving on August 2nd. You will have to upgrade your devices by July 29th to get these benefits.

From the Microsoft Blog:

We are committed to delivering continuous innovation to you: including features that bring Windows Ink and Cortana to the mainstream; a faster, more accessible and more power-efficient Microsoft Edge browser; advanced security features for consumers and enterprises; new gaming experiences and new tools for the modern classroom. Everyone running Windows 10 will get these new features for free.

 Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update - Cruz GIF

New Windows 10 Anniversary Features

  • Because adult coloring books are only the beginning: With Windows Ink, quickly and easily take a note, sketch directly on an image or draw an idea. Users can write on the lock screen to create a Smart Sticky Note, which integrates across the OS by adding reminders to your calendar or providing directions to an address.
  • Show don’t tell: A fully-equipped emoji keyboard with first-to-market emojis, including a vomit-face, shrug and fingers crossed, in addition to Microsoft’s very-own ninja cat.
  • We dare you, talk to your device: Cortana, Windows 10 Digital Assistant, wants to hear what you have to say. We’re bringing Cortana above the lock screen to ask questions, play music from a PC or set a reminder without unlocking the device.
  • Selfies for safety: Windows Hello lets users quickly sign in to devices with just a look or touch. And now, with Windows Hello, quickly sign-in to apps and websites like DropBox.