HTC Desire 530 Review –

The HTC Desire 530 brings the basic smartphone needs at an affordable price. Check the specs and pricing of the unlocked midrange phone.
In 2016 we’re in a space where there’s a decent phone at every price. You just have to pick what feature matters most to you and choose the phone that best fits. Today I’m talking about the HTC Desire 530 unlocked lower range Android smartphone. After a few weeks with it I can tell you more about the phone. Check out the specs below so you can get an idea of how what type of lower end mid-range phone we’re talking about

HTC Desire 530 Specs

Display: 5” / 1280 x 720 /294 ppi
Cameras: / 8 Mp rear-facing camera (with OIS) / 5 megapixel front-facing camera
Processor / RAM:  Qualcomm Snapdragon 210/ 1.5 GB RAM
Memory: 16GB /   Internal Memory (with expansion slot)
Battery: 2,200 mah nonremovable
Connectivity : Bluetooth 4.1 / Wi-Fi /  Nano SIM
OS: Android Marshmallow 6.0 (with HTC Sense)
Features: HTC BoomSound

Design and Build 


The design of the HTC Desire 530 might be the best thing about the phone. It has a unique micro splash design. It’s available in black or white. The micro splash looks like paint splattered across the back of it. The volume rocker is on the right border above the red power/ standby button. The headphone jack is on the top border It has a lanyard which I actually make use of since I’m forever trying to multitask and don’t mind having my phone on my wrist. It’s not such a bad feature on a small phone (not sure I’d try that on a phone with a 5.5″ screen or larger).


Display and Software

The Desire 530 has a 5 inch 720p display. While it’s not full HD it may be fine for some. I had some trouble adjusting to the resolution. I prefer at least full HD 1080p even on lower end range devices.



HTC Sense is a clean skin over Android Marshmallow 6.0,  which I definitely enjoy using. As you can see from the specs the Desire 530 isn’t meant to be strong with less than 2 GB of RAM and a 210 Snapdragon processor. This is not a phone you want to run multiple apps at once or play some of the more hard core games from the app store. The phone won’t be able to handle the work.

One of my fave features from HTC that is on the Desire 530 is the BoomSound. It has great full sound that’s just so enjoyable.


The camera is important on all devices. As with most cameras on smartphones, natural lighting goes a long way with pictures. On the Desire 530 you may need a little more help than outdoor lighting. The rear 8 megapixel takes decent pictures if you stay steady. It’s not the quickest shutter so you have to make sure the shot is taken and clear before moving on to the next. But you can get great pictures with the right settings. It’s a great camera for the price of Desire 530.  Your best bet is to use HDR when there aren’t too many lights in the picture and stay very steady.

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I didn’t expect great battery life on the Desire 530. And that’s pretty much what I got. It wouldn’t last the entire day exactly. Especially if I was actively tweeting and checking my social media accounts. On days I was outdoors longer and the brightness was at more than the medium level, battery died quickly. Expect to charge mid-day. (after 2-4 hours of use).

Pricing and Availability

The HTC Desire 530 is available unlocked from You can also purchase it from T-Mobile (currently at $139.99 upfront or $5.84 for 24 months ) . I’ve seen the prices go as low as $100. Go to the sites for more details.


I’d recommend the Desire 530 for tweens or teens who like to change devices often. Also someone who uses the most basic of smartphone features. At $120 you’re not breaking the bank and you’re getting a stylish phone.

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