HyperX Cloud Stinger Over-Ear Headset Review: Afforable but Worth It?

When looking to add a gaming headset to your collection, picking the perfect one can be a hassle. These days, you have more than a handful of headsets to choose from; with pricing ranging from $50-400. Most players go all out when it comes to their headsets, but what if you can’t afford that over $200 price range? Are there any good headsets at a reasonable price, but still have great quality?

HyperX has their own line of high end headsets, but recently announced a new affordable addition; the Cloud Stinger. The Cloud Stinger is $50, but with the price point being so low – can the Stinger headset still hold up to the company’s high-end line? As I take the HyperX Cloud Stinger for a test spin, I’ll see if the new addition still has the high end quality players are used to.


The Cloud Stinger has a all black design, except for the Hyperx logo on the ear cups which of course are red. You will all notice, that the Stinger is smaller than other gaming headsets, such as Turtle Beach and Astro Gaming. The Cloud Stinger actually looks like a regular pair of music headsets, which makes it easier to travel around with it.

On the left side of the ear cup, you will see the adjustable mic. The mic is easy to bend, allowing you to adjust it exactly to your liking. On the right side you will notice the volume control – which is located on the bottom of the ear cup.

The ear cups and headband are covered with a comfortable foam padding, not too much where it’s overbearing but it’s a good amount to keep you comfortable for those long gaming sessions.


One thing I’m really big on, is comfortability. I play for hours, and hate having to keep fixing, and messing with my headset, because it starts to hurt. Constantly messing with a headset, can anyone annoyed to the point where you just take it off and stop playing for awhile. But with the Cloud Stinger, I didn’t have that problem. With the memory foam padding on the top of the headband, and on the earcups, you will hardly notice that you are even wearing it.

We’ve all had those stressful matches which had us sweating, and by the time you finished the game – your headset is covered in sweat. With the memory foam covered with synthetic leather, it makes the headset easier to keep the Stinger clean and dry.


This is where the Cloud Stinger falls flat. Now, sound is extremely important when it comes to games such as, Shooters and MOBA’s. When playing shooters and MOBA’s you rely on sound to see if any enemy is close or is approaching. Most of the time, I can hear my enemy before I see them. Take for instance in SMITE, when I’m playing against a Loki, he has the ability to disappear, this is where I rely on sound to figure out where he is going, is he coming up behind me, or went back to base.

While playing Call of Duty, I’m used to being able to hear every little sound and movement in the game, but this time around the sound just seemed flat, and missing bass. I switched and played SMITE, again it just didn’t sound right. Once the game gets towards the end, the music gets dramatic, letting you know- you don’t have must time before the round ends. This music usually get me excited, but it just fell flat and sounded dry.


The Hyper X Cloud Stinger is a solid headset for its price point; you get comfortability as well as durability. The only problem with the headset was the sound. The sound is loud, but if you are one of those players that are used to, surround sound and deep bass – you might be disappointed.

The Cloud Stinger is a well designed headset, comfortable, and durable. So, if sound is not a big deal breaker for you, then you should add the Stinger to your gaming collection.

Price: $49.99

Platform: Xbox One, PS4, or Wii U