The Alienware Pro Gaming Keyboard: AW768 Review

When you hear the name Alienware, you automatically think of high-end, powerful, and unique design PC Hardware. The company has put out some of the strongest PC and gaming laptops.

Now, Alienware has released their very own gaming keyboards. One being the AW768 Pro Gaming Keyboard. With the release of the AW768, many had mixed feelings. Could the company make a name for themselves when it comes to PC accessoires, or will they get lost in a market that is saturated with PC peripherals.

Let’s find out, as I crack open and put the Alienware AW768 Pro Gaming Keyboard to the test!


At first glance, you can see that the Alienware pro gaming keyboard AW768 is large, full-size keyboard, you can also see that it’s not as thick as other gaming keyboards on the market.

On the upper right hand corner – you will see the Alienware logo, the logo is a button that allows you to turn the RBG lighting, on and off. I’m actually a big fan of this feature, when I’m not in the mood for all the flashing lights. I can now just press the logo and it turns off all the lighting, without me having to stop the game and open the software.

On the top right corner, right next to the Alienware logo, you will see the volume roller, allowing you to adjust the sound to your liking without ever taking your eyes off the screen. On the left side of the keyboard, you will find a row of Macro keys.


The AW768 comes with the Kaihua/Kailh Brown mechanical switches, the brown keys give a low clicking noise—this is perfect for players who don’t like a loud keyboard. Players will also enjoy Anti-ghosting and N-key rollover on all keys, and mechanical switches with 50 million keyboard life cycle.

The Alienware keyboard also features onboard memory, as well as 15 programmable Macro key function keys, these keys allow for on the fly recording, which help speed and improve your in-game accuracy. Programming your Marco Keys is pretty simple, thanks to the Alienware software called, AlienFX.

AlienFX is what handles the customizable RGB backlighting, as well as supporting the 13 separate zones on the AW768. One of my favorite features —multimedia keys, this makes everything so much easier while in game, I never had to take my eyes off the screen.

Another favorite feature of mine, was being able to customize my key with the RGB lighting. Alienwares software features 13 RGB lighting zones—you can pick themes like Fireworks, or set-up your own personal lighting schemes. You can still program the lighting to your own personal taste, but having the 13 different themes was an add plus.


Now that we’ve gone through all the cool features and design of the keyboard, it’s time to see if the Alienware AW768 can come through where it counts the most, performance.

I tested the AW768 while playing, SMITE, Paladins, Diablo III, GuildWars 2 and yes – even League of Legends. While playing some of the games in competitive mode, the keyboard delivered fast and accurate response time, I didn’t have any lag issues. I had the same response and accuracy for the other games, while playing in casual and story-mode, perfect response time.


The Alienware AW768 Pro Gaming Keyboard offers players a lot of cool features. The
onboard memory, the 15 programmable Macro keys, multimedia keys and of course, the ability to set-up your keyboard to your own personal style while use the RGB lighting.

You may also like the fact, that the AW768 is pretty quiet. I do have a habit of playing games late at night – the Alienware Keyboard isn’t as loud as other mechanical keyboard on the market, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing anyone else in the house.

I’m not going to lie, when I heard Alienware was coming out with a gaming keyboard, I was kind-of sceptical. I didn’t think the keyboard would be able to stand a chance, but I was wrong. The response and accuracy of the keyboard is perfect, I also like the fact that Alienware made a durable keyboard. I’ve dropped the keyboard a handful of times (I’m a little clumsy), I’ve taken it with me on trips and every time I’ve gone to use it – the keyboard plays as if I’ve never put it through hell.

I’ve reviewed a handful of gaming keyboards and when I’m done reviewing them, I usually switch them out and put my favorite keyboard back to my set-up. With that being said, I have yet to switch out the Alienware AW768 Pro Gaming Keyboard.

Price: $99