Plasma Series Case from Urban Armor Gear (UAG) for LG V30 Review

Urban Armor Gear UAG Plasma Series Case LG V30 - Review
The Plasma Series case from Urban Armor Gear (UAG) promises light yet rugged protection for the LG V30. Check out my thoughts after using the case for a couple of weeks.

Cases are as important as the phones themselves (to me at least). You can always count on Urban Armor Gear to have cases for the latest flagships. I’ve been rocking their Plasma Case for the LG V30 for a few weeks now. Check out my experience with the case.


Urban Armor Gear UAG Plasma Series Case LG V30 - Review

UAG Plasma Case Design

If you’ve seen the Plasma series case from UAG, nothing has really changed. The slim rugged look is there. It has a thick, black outline (made of plastic and thick rubber) that goes around the phone and is thicker on the corners. It also outlines the fingerprint sensor / power button and camera in the back. The case has a way of being rugged yet somewhat slim. It meets the military military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6)

Urban Armor Gear UAG Plasma Series Case LG V30 - Review


The LG V30 is a slippery phone to begin with, so even if you’re not looking for protection, the UAG case helps with grip. With the latest flagships, it has been difficult for me to find screen protectors to fit their slightly of fully curved screens. Having a case that can take a good amount of shock is even more important now. The raised edges on the corner of the UAG plasma case has saved the V30 a couple of times. I’ve tried my best not to drop it, but ish happens. So far nothing has happened to my screen, and I definitely credit the Plasma case for that. You can access all the ports easily, even the headphone jack with thick 3.5mm connectors. The case doesn’t get in the way.

Urban Armor Gear Plasma Series Case Verdict

As expected, you have a winner with the UAG Plasma series case. It’s not the prettiest case in town, but it will definitely get the job done when it comes to protection and grip on the LG V30. The Plasma series case is available in 2 colors, Ice or Ash. It basically means clear or greyish-clear. It’s available for other flagships. It’s $39.95 on It’s definitely worth the money. After the V30 survived a fall on the New York City subway, I was inspired to take show the phone (clean from cracks and scratches) with the UAG Plasma series case. You can check out the case from all angles in the pictures below.