Google x Sephora – Use the Google Home Hub and Sephora Vids To Help With Makeup and More

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Ok Google, show me an eyebrow tutorial video by Sephora. Google Home Hubs available at Sephora. Details inside. #OkGoogle

This morning I went to Sephora for a Google event. Sound odd? Maybe, but not really. At the event, we learned how the Google Home Hub can be helpful in getting your look done, and so much more. At Sephora, we saw how the Home Hub can help set your morning off right with the right playlist, tell you about your day ahead, and help with makeup tutorials. The Home Hub isn’t limited to make up videos of course. You can use it as an assistant in the kitchen. Using your voice to start, pause, and navigate videos you can go completely hands-free when using the hub or use the touch screen or volume to navigate.

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Google Home Hub Specs

Display: 7 inch LCD
Cameras: None
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5 / Wifi
Features: voice command / Available in 4 colors

The Home Hub has a 7-inch display which is a small footprint on your kitchen counter, or vanity table. The talented Sephora Beauty Director, Myiesha Sowell, showed us a few ways you can use the Home Hub to follow a makeup tutorial. Using the voice commands to pause the tutorial video when she needed to catch up, and fast-forwarding when she was skipping over what she already knew. Below are some commands you can use.

  • “Play everyday contour tutorial by Sephora”

  • “Show me everyday eyeshadow videos by Sephora”

    Sephora Beauty Director, Myiesha Sowell,
    Sephora Beauty Director, Myiesha Sowell,
  • “Play get ready with me eyebrow tutorial by Sephora”

  • “Show me a Smokey Eyes video by Sephora”

You can check out the Google Home Hub and the “Dream Vanity” experience at any of the ten flagship Sephora stores to see how it can work for you. You can buy it at those stores or at

If you’re near one of these 10 flagship Sephora stores—Prudential Center in Boston, Michigan Avenue in Chicago, North Park in Dallas, Century City and Hollywood & Highland in Los Angeles, 34th Street and Union Square in New York City, South Coast Plaza in Orange County, Powell Street in San Francisco, or Valley Fair in San Jose—you can stop by to check out our “Dream Vanity” experience. Use the in-store Google Home Hub to nail your favorite night-on-the-town look, get the perfect smokey eye and see the many other things that Hub can do.

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Of course, all of your favorite Google Home features are available with the Home Hub. You can have personalized routines. For example, saying “Hey Google. Good morning.” It can give you commute details and meeting times. You can use it to help you in the kitchen with recipes and preparation techniques. The light sensors on the Home Hub keep the screen at the right brightness during the day. You can control your smart home devices (lights, locks, and cameras) as well.

The Google Home Hub is currently $149 and is available at as well as

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