Access Ayesha Curry’s Recipes With Google Assistant

Google Nest Hub Max - Ayesha Curry Chef (2)

Last year I had the chance to check out how using the Google Nest Hub (formerly the Google Home Hub) and how using it can be helpful when doing things such as makeup tutorials. It makes sense since your hands are tied up with makeup and brushes.

With the holiday season beginning, Google is suggesting using Google Assistant and smart displays, such as the Google Nest Hub Max, for recipes and family entertainment. The Nest Hub Max has Google Assistant and a large display that would be useful in getting step by step directions when cooking.

Today Google announced Food Network chef, Ayesha Curry, will have a recipe made available exclusively on Google Assistant. The concept is the same. Using your voice to get recipes, and ideas since your hands are tied up cooking. As expected, you would ask the Google Assistant “Hey Google, Show me Ayesha Curry’s recipes”.

pan with Cast Iron pan Fall Bread Pudding with Brown Butter Apples and

Looking for other ways your Assistant can help out in the kitchen? Here are a few ideas:

  • Quickly convert measurements or figure out a substitute ingredient. Just ask, “Hey Google, how many tablespoons in a cup?” or “Hey Google, what’s a substitute for buttermilk?” 
  • Learn a new cooking technique. Try asking your Assistant, “Hey Google, show me videos for how to laminate pastry dough” or “Hey Google, show me how to brown butter.”

  • Search for recipes based on specific dietary needs. Just say, “Hey Google, show me gluten-free stuffing recipes” or “Hey Google, show me vegan broccoli casserole recipes.”
  • And when you discover a recipe that you love or want to try out in the future, you can easily save and view it in your own personal Cookbook on Smart Displays like Nest Hub Max. I just saved Ayesha’s Butternut Squash Pasta with Edamame recipe to make for my kids this weekend!

UPDATE: We were treated to a cooking demo by Google Nest with celebrity chef, Ayesha Curry. Director of Google Assistant, Lilian Rincon, explained the great and many uses the Nest family of devices have to offer.

Lilian Rincon, Director of Google Assistant (Left), and Celebrity Chef, Ayesha Curry

As we mentioned before Curry’s recipes are available on Google Assistant. She created a dessert for the holidays using the Nest Hub Max as it told her the recipe, step by step.