MyGEKOgear OwlScout Dash Cam Review

For the most part dash cams are seen one, seen them all. While that is mainly the case, testing out the myGekoGear Geko OwlScout was the first time I saw a dual dash cam on the same body.

Design and Build

This is the second dash camera I’ve tested from myGeko. I enjoyed the first dash camera I tested from them because it was so compact yet delivered great footage. The OwlScout looks nothing like the myGekoGear’s S200 dashcam. The OwlScout has a 2.7-inch LCD display, that is surrounded by six buttons. Under the display, you have the camera that faces inward (records the cabin). It mounts via suction cup, which is great for me to mount and dismount quickly. On the left border, you have the microSD card slot. On the top left corner of the dash cam you have the microSD charging port. While the back of the OwlScout has the camera that records the road.

OwlScout Dash Cam Setup

The OwlScout dashcam is plug and play like expected. What’s great about this camera is that you get to use micro-USB, which is much easier found than, usb mini. The dashcam also comes with both a car charger and a regular MicroUSB to USB-A cable. If you do decide to use the micro-USB to usb-a cable, I suggest getting a fast-charging car charger to plug it into. The OwlScout also comes with a 16GB microSD card. The package comes with everything you need to get up and go. I, unfortunately, have to dismount and disconnect every time I park for the night because my car is outdoors, so being able to start and go, is a major plus. The suction cup for this cam is very strong. Probably one of the strongest I’ve used. When the camera is plugged in and ready, you have a picture-in-picture view of both cameras, so you can adjust the view accordingly.

Experience and Footage

I was not surprised when I got decent footage from the OwlScout. The 1080p footage is very clear. It seems the main dashcam is just wide enough to get the entire hood of the car. Sometimes the footage is shaky, due to the fact that the camera hangs. You notice it more when you’re stopped at a red light, and of course when you hit major bumps. There’s an up and down movement.

When it comes to recording the footage, you have the option of how long the loop-recording goes for. The OwlScout can record in loops of three, five or ten-minute intervals. I chose loops of three minutes because it’s easier to look through and delete, than the longer intervals.

Pricing and Availability

The myGEKOgear OwlScout goes for $180+. You are getting two cameras, for that price. You don’t get smart assistant features, and the app needs to be a bit more fluid for me to use it more. I prefer to dock the card in a reader and transfer the footage that way.


I definitely recommend the OwlScout dashcam for those who work as rideshare drivers. It’s cost-effective, gets the job done, and you get very clear footage. Features like GPS logging, Wifi, and night vision make it worth the price.

myGEKOgear GEKO OwlScout











  • Great display
  • Dual cameras
  • Wifi and app available


  • Sometimes footage is shaky