New Qualcomm Snapdragon X75 Modem to Help Improve 5G Connection

The Qualcomm Snapdragon X75, the World’s First 5G Advanced-Ready Modem-RF system, is set to be in devices after the second half of 2023.

Qualcomm has announced their newest modem, the Snapdragon X75, the World’s First 5G Advanced-Ready Modem-RF system, ahead of this year’s Mobile World Congress. It gets very technical, as you can see from the official release below, but it means better 5G use and connectivity. So beyond better connectivity, there will be better connectivity in “difficult places,” such as trains and elevators. This also means better battery life in certain devices with Qualcomm® 5G PowerSave Gen 4 and Qualcomm® RF Power Efficiency Suite. We won’t see devices with this modem till after the second half of 2023.

1. It’s 5G Advanced-ready with a next-gen modem-RF System architecture

With an architecture ready to support 5G Advanced, our new Snapdragon X75 Modem-RF Systems lead the global 5G roadmap. It features a new cost and energy-efficient converged mmWave-sub6 hardware architecture that will bring reduced board footprint, lower costs, less board complexity, and lower power consumption. Our modem-to-antenna solution enables OEMs to create more efficient and future-ready 5G devices supporting 5G features for all key verticals.

To make this happen, the Snapdragon X75 debuts the following world firsts: 

  • First mmWave-sub6 converged transceiver
  • First hardware accelerator for AI-enhanced 5G
  • First sensor-modem-RF solution for mmWave beam management

2. Its AI hardware acceleration enables superior 5G performance

The Snapdragon X75 is the world’s first Modem-RF System with a dedicated AI tensor accelerator, featuring Qualcomm 5G AI Processor Gen 2 and Qualcomm 5G AI Suite Gen 2. Plus, it’s optimized for advanced modem processing timelines and use cases. 

With two-and-a-half-times improved AI performance over Gen 1 and innovations such as the world’s first sensor-assisted, AI-based mmWave beam management technology — plus AI-enhanced GNSS Location Gen2 for precise positioning — the Snapdragon X75 is designed for superior 5G and location performance.1

Qualcomm Fixed Wireless Access Platform Gen 3
Powered by Snapdragon X75, Qualcomm Fixed Wireless Access Platform Gen 3 is the world’s first fully integrated 5G Advanced-ready fixed wireless access (FWA) platform with mmWave, Sub-6 GHz, and Wi-Fi 7 support, including 10Gb Ethernet capability.

This new platform offers superior performance boosted with powerful quad-core CPU and dedicated hardware acceleration designed to support peak performance across 5G cellular, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi. With these enhanced capabilities, Qualcomm FWA Gen 3 platform will enable a new class of all-wireless broadband, delivering multi-gigabit speeds and wire-like latency to virtually every device in the home. Additionally, Qualcomm FWA Gen 3 will help enable a wide range of applications and value-added services for mobile operators and provide them with a cost-effective way to deliver fiber-like internet speeds wirelessly over 5G to rural, suburban, and dense urban communities helping drive global adoption of FWA and taking another step toward closing the digital divide.

On top of benefitting from Snapdragon X75 capabilities, Qualcomm FWA Gen 3 key features include:
• Converged mmWave-Sub-6 hardware architecture to reduce footprint, cost, board complexity, and power consumption.
• Qualcomm® Dynamic Antenna Steering Gen 2 for enhanced self-install capabilities.
• Qualcomm® RF Sensing Suite to enable indoor mmWave CPE deployments.
• Qualcomm® Tri-Band Wi-Fi 7, supporting up to 320MHz channels with expert Multi-Link operation for blazing-fast, lower latency, reliable connections, and mesh capability for seamless coverage.
• Flexible software architecture with support for multiple frameworks, including OpenWRT and RDK-B.
• With Dual SIM, the Gen3 platform has support for both 5G Dual-SIM Dual Active (DSDA) and Dual-SIM Dual Standby (DSDS) configurations.