Google Pixel 7A Midrange Smartphone Announced at Under $500 – Hands On

The Google Pixel 7A has been officially confirmed at Google I/O. Based on the specs and features, this is the affordable phone to beat.

The rumors were spot on, as usual, for the Pixel leaks. Google has officially announced the Pixel 7A at Google I/O 2023. The Pixel 7A will be a hard phone to beat. For the price and specs, and checks almost all of the boxes. It even includes wireless charging. For a phone that is under $500, that’s a pretty “high-end” feature.

The Pixel 7A is powered by the Tensor G2 processor, the same processor that powers the Pixel 7. The Full HD+, 6.1-inch smooth display has a 90-Hz refresh rate. It has more RAM on it too. On the back of the phone, you have the 64 MP camera alongside a 13 MP ultrawide camera. The front-facing camera is 13 MP as well. Under the hood, you have 8GB RAM, 128GB of storage, a 4,385 mAh battery, and an IP67 dust and water-resistant rating. It will be available in four colors; Charcoal, Snow, Sea, and Coral (exclusive to the Google Store). I am loving the color options.

Hands-on, the Pixel 7A feels like a regular Pixel A series phone. I brought my Pixel 6A along for comparison. Similar build and feel. The 7A is a bit bigger than the 6A. The most obvious difference for me was the 90Hz screen on the 7A. It just scrolled so smoothly. That is always nice.

The Pixel 7A hits the sweet spot when it comes to features and pricing. For those in the Android smartphone world, the Pixel 7a will be the mid-range phone to beat, in my opinion. I can’t make a complete guarantee on the phone with just hands-on experience, but if you care about taking photos and want to have a decent user experience, the Pixel 7A will more than likely work out. With a good sale and trade-in deal and you can get a great performing phone for an awesome price.