The Google Pixel Tablet is Also a Smart Display That Has Multi-User Support

The Google Pixel Tablet works like a smart display when docked and like a tablet when detached from its charging speaker dock.

Google announced the Pixel Tablet last year. It’s official now at Google I/O 2023. It has a nearly 11-inch LCD touchscreen display. The display has an anti-smudge coating and can go up to 500 nits of brightness. It’s powered by Google’s Tensor G2 chip.

The audio matters here because the table is more for media consumption and giving information when it’s placed on its charging speaker dock. The tablet has four built-in speakers and 3 microphones. When on the dock, the Pixel Tablet will turn into more of a smart display, and enter Hub Mode. In Hub Mode, the Pixel Tablet works more like a smart display, so you can use Google Search to get recipes, weather, news updates, and view/control your smart home, etc. You can buy more charging speaker docks to place around your home too.

More importantly, the Pixel Tablet will allow for multiple users. It makes sense, since it’s a tablet to be shared freely in the home and then docked when not in use; users can create and lock their own profiles on the tablet.

Pixel Tablet Hands-On

menu of apps on the Google Pixel tablet

We went hands-on with the Pixel Tablet at Google I/O, and it seems like your regular large-sized tablet. As a Google’s Nest Hub Max smart display user, I could see how I would use it while docked in place. The tablet wasn’t too thick but sturdy, with enough weight for comfortable use. We were testing the docking abilities outdoors, which wasn’t ideal for what you’d use a smart display for in the home, but even outdoors, it wasn’t a bad experience. We played some tracks on YouTube while the Tablet was detached from the dock. Placing it back on the dock was pretty easy, and the music then transferred over to the dock. It was loud enough for its use. It does have 8MP cameras on both the front and the back of the tablet, which would allow for video calls.

It’s a great intersection between tablet and smart display. The multi-user account option makes it more usable as a family.

The Pixel Tablet is available in three colors; Porcelain, Hazel, and Rose. The Tablet comes with the charging speaker dock for $499. You can also buy the case, which will work with the charging speaker dock for $79. You can preorder the Pixel Tablet which will be available on June 20th.