The “NOOK” Not Your Ordinary Book!

I received the new Nook for my birthday from my fabulous fiance. I must say it was the best gift I have received. I used to read a lot but, after having my daughter my schedule became pretty chaotic. Now that she is entering school, I have recently had more time on my hands for just me. And that is when the Nook came in handy. Thus far, I have completed 2 books and find it very enjoyable and enticing to the eyes.

The new Nook is not your ordinary book, it’s a lifestyle for those who enjoy reading from novels to magazines in digital form. And with the pearled feature that Barnes and Noble has added to the new nook, having fun and reading in the sun has never been better. You don’t have to worry about any glares and finger blocking you would normal have to do with the older model. That brings me to the other features the new Nook possess. The battery life is quite awesome if I may say so myself. I have a habit of keeping my Nook in standby mode and after doing that for almost a week, my battery life was still pretty good. I also love that it’s only a 6″ touch screen which makes swiping back and forth between pages effortless. The light weight and size makes it easy to fit in your pocketbook or handbag during daily travels. The highlight feature is pretty decent although I haven’t had the opportunity to really use it. But, to know that it’s available is enough for me.

Now let’s talk downloading, I love that there are millions of books to choose to download at low prices and for free. Also, borrowing from public libraries has never been so much easier using the Nook. Lastly, the LendMe feature allows for you to lend books to your friends using Wi-Fi. If you enjoy color, the newer Nook does not offer that. That kinda sucks but, with everything else it has to offer that is minor at best. The added bonus is the beautiful cover accessories to choose from. So I will keep enjoying my new Nook. You should go out and get yourself one, I think it would be a good look!