Case-Mate Showcase 2012 for New York Fashion Week

case-mate Invitation - Analie Cruz Remember when cases were used to protect your phone or to place them on your belt? Things have certainly changed. Now cases do a lot more. Their main purpose now is to protect a screen which has grown a lot since the beginning of the smartphone evolution.

Case-mate realizes that most people will buy cases for their smartphone; why not have a case that suits your mood, routine, schedule, and style? Basically have the right case for the right occasion.

With New York Fashion Week, it was the perfect time for Casemate to showcase their extensive line of Fashionable cases. They mostly have iPhone cases but they have cases for other manufacturers as well.

Along with host Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) and hip-hop artist Common performing; a wonderful and entertaining show was put on models sported Casemate cases in different scenes.

I have the Case-mate glam case for my Samsung Galaxy S III. The selection of iPhone cases is a lot bigger and definitely more diverse. They even have some purses for your iPhone. Everything from the simple and plain; to bold colors; to bulky decorative cases. I am a fan of the metallic colored cases and the glitter/glam cases.

Check out some of the pics below.

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