Samsung Galaxy S4 Coming in February?

Could this be true? A Samsung Galaxy S4 Introduced in February? According to The Korea Times Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S4 February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain,

Among the Galaxy S4’s features will be a 5-inch screen, slightly larger than the display on the popular Galaxy S III and a full inch bigger than the iPhone 5, the report said.

It will have more powerful hardware and software and will “definitely use” 4G LTE networks, a parts supplier told the paper.

The Galaxy S III has made perhaps the best claim. Last month, the company announced it had sold more than 20 million units in three months, making September the first month since the release of the iPhone 4S that it wasn’t the world’s top-selling smartphone.

According to the South Korean news report, Samsung is working with U.S. carriers on modified designs the company said will eliminate any questions about patents.

Now I have the S2 and the S3, and love both of them. The S3 is an amazing phone, it’s super fast, love the Samsung app (S Beam to name one). Now if the screen is going to be a 5-inch screen I don’t know how other’s would feel about. Some think a 5-inch screen is too big, other’s may not.

Now we have to sit and wait to see “IF” the Galaxy S4 will be announced and what features the galaxy S4 will have.

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