Gadget Extras – Holiday Buying Guide 2012

Some gadgets are really expensive or personal to buy. For example, buying someone a smartphone; you may not know if a person needs a phone with just 16GB or 32 GB of storage; or what color; what carrier to get it on. If you still want to give the gadget lover in your family a gift. There are a few things that every gadget lover needs.
Here are my top picks:

Portable Chargers / Battery Packs / Power Stations / Wireless Charging

A battery pack is always helpful on the go. With so many devices and so many things to do; portable chargers come in handy and help keep you connected. Here are my top choices:

MyCharge Summit 3000
myCharge Summit 3000
This rechargeable power bank is very popular in the gadget world. It gets the job done! Charging up to 3 devices at once; the 3000 mAh becomes your best friend when you can’t get to an outlet. It includes charging ports for micro USB, iDevices (30 pin), and a USB charging cable.
Price: $79.99

(FYI:The myCharge Peak 6000 will be on sale, in-store, at Best Buy, nationwide for $59 (originally $99). It has a 6000 mAh battery and has a flip down outlet plug for easy charging. Those are some great savings)

mophie powerstation duo
mophie powerstation duo
Part of Mophies latest line. This battery pack has a 6000 mAh battery to keep you going. It’s lightweight too. You can charge anything through its USB port. It has a micro USB port as well.
Price: $79.99

MyCharge Voyage 1000 MicroUSB (Android)
myCharge Voyage 1000 (micro USB) and Sojourn 1000 (30 pin iDevice)
The Voyage 1000 is for devices that charge through micro USB (mostly Android phones and some tablets). The myCharge Sojourn 1000 is for iDevices. These chargers have tone notifications for battery levels. They charge quickly through USB and can give you up to 4 more hours of talk time.
Price: $39.99

Duracell Powermat Wireless Charging Kit
Duracell Powermat
If you plan on gifting the Duracell Powermat Kit it is best to know which phone the receiving person has. The Duracell Powermat allows the user to charge their phone wirelessly on the charging mat. It makes any office or work space look modern. You do need the matching case for your smartphone. Right now they have cases for the iPhone 4/4S and the Samsung Galaxy S III. The Duracell Powermat kit also brings and extra battery pack. For extra power on the go, this battery pack has a micro USB and 30 pin connectors. You can charge the battery pack on the wireless mat or from any USB connection.
Price: $99.99

For the Fitness / Athlete on Your List

Every step, move, breath you take can be monitored and processed to determine your fitness level with these devices. These are great for those who always have fitness on the mind and on the go.

Fitbit One
Fitbit One
Need to be monitored all day? The Fitbit is the perfect fit. The upgraded version (from the previous model Fitbit Ultra); the Fitbit One does more than monitor your exercise. This healthy gadget will help you turn fitness into a lifestyle. It monitors everything from steps (including distance), calories burned, stairs climbed and even sleep! This motivating gadget will help you reach your goals with easy tracking and monitoring of stats.
Price: $99.99

Fitbit Zip
Fitbit Zip
The Fitbit Zip is fairly new to the market. It tracks all activities (except sleep or flights of stairs climbed). The more affordable and colorful activity tracker can help you go farther in your fitness lifestyle by setting goals and even challenging fellow Fitbit users.
Price $59.95

Motorola MotoACTV
This is the watch that does it all. If you want a gadget that does more than monitor your steps and calories; you might be interested in the MotoACTV. This sweatproof device has an MP3 player to make jogging more enjoyable. It even learns what songs motivate you the most. You can monitor over 40 activities including running and jogging with the MOTOACTV training portal. The chest strap doubles the watch as a heart rate monitor to help define target heart rates. You can even get social with Facebook updates and Tweets.
Price: $135

Nike FuelBand (Original, Black Ice, White Ice)
Nike FuelBand
This is not for serious athletes; just those who are a bit self-conscious of their activity. The design is simple and easy to read. It’s a great gift for those who love everything Nike. The FuelBand works with the iOS app for viewing of stats.
Price: $149

Gadget Extras

These are the gadgets that are cool and useful. Gadgets that we don’t really need; but that our days and lives better and easier.

Slingbox 350 and Slingbox 500
This awesome device is great for those who love their TV on the go. You can control your TV from nearly anytime and anywhere (laptop, tablet, and even smartphone). If you have access to internet; you have access to your cable subscription from home on the go. Once you’re set up, watch TV just like you would at home. The same viewing guide and remote control. You’ll have access to content that TV brings such as live sporting events, your shows on DVR, and all in HD. You have a choice of the Slingbox 350 (wired setup) or the Slingbox 500 (HDMI, Built-in WiFi, and TV Interface)
Price: $179.99 (Slingbox 350) or $299.99 (Slingbox 500)

With help from apps on both the Apple App Store and Google Play; the iGrill connects wirelessly through Bluetooth to your device. The iGrill, a wireless meat thermometer allows you to monitor your food carefully up close or up to 200 feet away. The iGrill App will alert you when the food is done. With two temperature probes, you can monitor two meals at the same time. For the cook on your list; this is a great gift
Price: $79.99

This one can be a gift to many. How many on your list listen to music while showering? The iShower is a Bluetooth enabled, and more importantly water resistant speaker that can connect wirelessly to most smartphones and media players (with Bluetooth capabiliites). You can pair up to five devices. You can stream music, listen to playlists, and control audio without the fear. Use it in the shower or by the pool and beach.
Price: $99.99