Hi-Rez Studios Announces “The Sly Messenger” Patch

Today Hi-Rez Studios released one of their most mischievous, but adorable Gods to date. Rataoskr, the Norse World Tree will be released in a patch called “The Sly Messenger” for the PC for SMITE, the online Battle Grounds. The new update will introduce players to Ratatoskr, a pantheon playable character and it also starts the Summer of SMITE event. It offers new purchasable content as well as exclusive bonus items being available over the next nine weeks.

The deadly squirrel is armed with his acorns, and his ability to rain so much damage on his unsuspecting enemies. This is one god you don’t want to underestimate on the battlefield.

“The Sly Messenger” includes new God skins and voice packs for Flurry Ratatoskr, G.I. Zhong Zhong Kui, Crikeydile Sobek, the summertime Hunkules Hercules and Beach Babe Aphrodite. The patch also includes a host of general bug fixes, character rebalances and optimizations.

The “The Sly Messenger” patch is timed with the beginning of the Summer of SMITE, which kicks off today on PC and runs through July 31. The New summer-themed, exclusive items will be sent out regularly throughout the event with bonus rewards offered for different tiers of spending. The Summer of SMITE will be featured in the Xbox One closed beta soon.

“The Sly Messenger” – part of Season 2 of SMITE – is now live on PC.