Paladins: Hi-Rez Studios New Team-Based Shooter Game

Hi-Rez Studios, the company behind the eSports MOBA phenomenon SMITE, revealed a new game at Gamescom called, Paladins. Paladins, is the company’s newest free-to-play game that is still being developed for the PC, as well as for the current consoles.

Paladins is a fast action, team-based-first-person shooter that has a fantasy setting. In addition to the fast pace action, the game offers an essential shooter capability and will offer players a deep strategy that has an in-match character development offered through decks of collectible cards, which strengthen and expand the character’s core set of abilities.

Teams will play against each other in order to demolish the enemy’s base while your team tries to defend their own. Each character will start with a primary weapon, a set of combat moves / abilities and a personal mount that allows you to carry them quickly from one fight to the next. In the beginning of the match players will have a customizable deck of skill cards which are activated and developed once you start leveling up in your match.

“We’ve managed to keep Paladins under wraps for over a year now, so the dev team is really looking forward to receiving feedback from the hands-on demo at gamescom,” said Todd Harris, COO at Hi-Rez Studios. “We’ve focused on making something we find fun and competitive, and soon players will help us craft how Paladins grows from here.”

“Paladins has been a passion project of ours from the beginning,” commented Mick Larkins, senior producer on the title. “We’ve dedicated a separate team from SMITE to work on it, and while we are still early in development, we know we’re crafting something very special. Paladins is extremely quick, with a great deal of depth in how it blends action, tactics, and teamwork, and we’re excited for gamers to start discovering all it has to offer.”

Those of you who thought Hi-Rez was going to make another game like SMITE, can clearly see Paladins is nothing like SMITE.

This team-based-first-person shooter is available to play at Gamescom at Hi-Rez Studios’ Booth A-051 in Hall 9, near the ESL main stage. For those of you who cannot attend Gamescom, you ca sign-up for the upcoming closed beta at Paladins.

Paladins is coming to PC and current-generation consoles in 2016.