Use “Gett” App to Get Around NYC at an Affordable Price

Need to get around NYC? Check out this promo code from Gett for a $50 credit.

Gett App Logo- Analie cruz

It seems there are a few days left of summer in New York City. Like any gadget lover, I use a few apps to help me get through my day. From banking, to ordering food, and of course catching a cab. I’m always on the lookout for cabs that save you time and money. If you haven’t used Gett yet, you might want to get on it. For the next 10 days Gett (on-demand car service is having a promo to help you get around NYC:

As of today, first time riders can now get a $50 credit for Gett. With $10 flat rides anywhere in Manhattan from 110th St to Battery Park, it’s an affordable way to get around the city in style! Click the link to get details and the promo code:

About Gett
Founded in 2010, Gett is the premier on-demand service that lets you instantly book transportation with your mobile phone, available for both consumers and corporations. Gett is a $207M funded company and is available in 52 cities, including New York, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Moscow, St Petersburg and Tel-Aviv.  Gett features fair, predictable pricing with no surge and live 24/7 customer support. In NYC, Gett offers $10 rides from 110th Street to Battery Park, providing users a fast and convenient way to move around the city.