SteelSeries and Winterfox Announce New Partnership

SteelSeries is better known for their eSports hardware, but as of today – the company has announced their partnership with WinterFox. WinterFox is a professional CS:GO team, the team will train full-time, and work alongside the SteelSeries team. Players will have the opportunity to practice in a private suite inside the company’s global headquarters located in Chicago.

Winterfox is a competitive eSports organization – the company is focused on being the top teams in a variety of competitive games, not just CS:GO. The company is also into providing remarkable content for fans. Even though Winterfox was founded as a League of Legends team, the company has made it its mission to grow and support more than a handful of players spanning out in 5 different eSports games, this has happened in over the course of one year.

“Our core product and brand values were formed as a combination of our original company DNA and years of meeting industry demands,” said Travis Hezel, SteelSeries’ Global Director of Sponsorships. “The Winterfox project addresses a multitude of those values that will progress eSports as a whole, and how sponsors like Steelseries interact with customers, bringing new product developments and more personal connections with eSports athletes.”

“SteelSeries is the type of company that you hope to become associated with in this industry – where it’s not just about saying they make products for eSports players, but a brand that is actually doing it,” said Brian Cordry, Winterfox CEO.

Here is the 2015-16 Winterfox CS:GO Lineup:

Alex ‘LeX’ Deily
Todd ‘anger’ Williams
David ‘Xp3’ Garrido
Kyle ‘flowsicK’ Mendez
Derek ‘desi’ Branchen

“SteelSeries has given us everything a team could possibly want, in terms of both sponsorship stability, and a world-class training facility,” said Alex “LeX” Deily, Winterfox’s CS:GO Captain. “The idea is bold, and although there were obstacles to accomplish a completely new type of partnership, we’re ready to rise to the challenge as a solidified team.”

We are looking forward to seeing how well the teams do in these sessions!

If you want information about the players, head over to Winterfox