Verizon Wireless “Thanksgetting” Offers Deals on Entertainment

On Wednesday November 25th, Verizon is offering a few cool deals. They've dubbed it Thanksgetting. You don't have to be a Verizon Wireless customer to enjoy all of these.

The day before Thanksgiving is always a busy one. Preparing the meals, getting to your family’s house, or if you’re the one hosting guests, there’s a lot going on. To make things easier on what might be one of the busiest travel days of the year, Verizon Wireless is here to help. Little things like a book to read, some movies to watch, or wifi at the airport, can go a long way in easing travel and hosting.

verizon thanksgetting

Verizon has offered a few deals on entertainment to ease traveling, hosting, and waiting to get from place to place. They have dubbed it “Thanksgetting” since there’s a lot of things to “get”.  These deals are with great partners including Amazon, Apple, Pandora One, Lyft, Boingo and Gogo. You don’t have to be a Verizon customer to enjoy all of these deals. So get on it Wednesday November 25th (today)!


Specifically, Verizon is helping consumers ease holiday travel with:

  • Movies, TV shows, music, e-books and apps from Amazon
  • A $5 gift certificate to iTunes from Apple
  • A 30-day Pandora One trial for new subscribers
  • A $20 credit toward a ride on Thanksgetting Day (November 25) from Lyft
  • Free airport Wi-Fi from Boingo
  • A free 30-minute Wi-Fi session on select airlines from Gogo
  • MyRewards+ points from Verizon Fios


To learn full details about all the Thanksgetting offers, visit