SMITE World Championships – Day 3

As we head into day 3 of the SMITE World Championships, four teams remain and battle it out in the best of 5. There were a lot of upsets during the semi-finals as teams we thought would make to the grand –finals didn’t. Day 3 was filled with some intense matches, the last game could have went either way – that’s how close it was. If you didn’t get to witness the action of yesterday’s game- we have a recap that will get you up to speed.

Paradigm vs Enemy

Going into the World Championships, it seemed as if Paradigm would be the team to make it into the grand finals. The team took to the stage and seemed to be a crowd favorite the somewhat cocky attitudes got the fans better pumped-up. On the other hand, team Enemy name seems to fit well for them – especially after the team’s captain “PainDeViande” made it very clear he didn’t mind taking the title as being the villain. With that being said – you could see why Paradigm was the team everyone wanted to see succeed.

Enemy won the first two matches, but Paradigm came back to take a match. Even though Paradigm did win a match, that didn’t seem to sit well with “team darkness” (Enemy) and took the final round. I don’t know what got into Paradigm – I was so sure they would make it to the grand finals, maybe the team got thrown off by team Enemy’s dark and cold demeanor – I know I would. Can’t wait to see how Enemy plays at the grand finals.

Cloud9 vs Epsilon

Another team that many thought would make it to the grand finals but didn’t is Cloud9. They took to the stage with so much confidence that fans swore they would take the game. Epsilon started off strong and looked like they just may take this match – but Cloud9 did not allow that as they took the first match. Playing off on the teams confidence from the first win, Cloud9 secured another win – but things soon began to change.

Epsilon began to adapt and it worked out to their advantage – the match was the most intense match. Kennet “Adapting” Ros (whose role is a Jungle for team Epsilon) made a name for himself in the last match, “Adapting’s” Fenrir dominated the game, it seemed as if Cloud9 was not paying attention to him and Fenrir player took advantage as he took players down on-by-one. Epsilon took down the World Champions, Cloud9.

Cloud 9 vs Epsilon eSports Day 3 Game 9