Start the day with a smile: Introducing Microsoft’s New and Innovative Alarm

Smile Gaming and gamification is simply huge in 2016, while it is also being used by innovators and developers in a number of unique and unusual ways. From marketing brands and selling produce to enabling you to play free roulette on the move, gaming is a vehicle that has huge potential while still continuing to grow at a rapid rate.

In terms of new and recent innovations, Microsoft has the edge with an exciting alarm clock application that is available for Android devices. It essentially pledges to gamify the often arduous process of waking up in the mornings, without resorting to repetitive melodies and sound effects.

The app, which has been called the Mimicker Alarm, combines playful chimes with a choice of three games for users to play as they rouse themselves for the day ahead. These games, including Colour Capture, Express Yourself and Tongue Twister, offer unique playing features and are sure to appeal to the mass-market of non-avid gamers. Interestingly, these games also engage various aspects of the human brain in fun and light-hearted interactions.

Colour Capture requires users to seek out a real-world object that matches a series of randomly generated colours on-screen. The purpose of this is to engage your hand-eye coordination as you first begin to wake up, honing one of your most crucial senses in time for the working day. Similarly, Tongue Twister has users repeat a complex rhyme or sentence into the microphone on their smartphone, sparking the communicative and creative side of your brain.

The most popular game is likely to be Express Yourself, however, through which players are given a series of randomly generated facial expressions through the display on their device. They must then use their camera to capture a selfie, as they aim to replicate this expression and progress to the next round. This should certainly be enough to keep your brain active, while also helping you to kick-start your day with a smile!

This alarm app certainly adds some innovation to your morning routine, while it certainly makes a change to standard products that simply belt out repetitive tunes and chimes until you drag yourself from your bed. While Microsoft’s app will allow you precisely 30 seconds to accept an invitation to play before starting its chime again, the unique premise of the game is fun and has huge novelty value.

Above else, almost everyone uses an alarm to rouse themselves in the morning, so why not select one that combines chimes with something a little more palatable and engaging? This app is also arguably more effective as an alarm as it is far more engaging than sound alone and aims to interact with multiple senses including sight and touch. With this in mind, we can bet that this innovative app will become a popular Android feature in the coming months.

[Written by External Partner]