Hi-Rez Studios Announces: The Paladins Global Series

This weekend, Hi-Rez studios held one of the biggest and successful tournaments to date. The company held their Summer League in VALENCIA, Spain – teams from around the world came to battle it out for the number one spot. For those who couldn’t make it in person, watched the events via Twitch – that way fans were able to hear about the next Big tournament for Paladin players.

Hi-Rez Studios has announced their 350,000 community tournament series for their fantasy team-based shooter Paladins. This tournament series is intended to keep providing, high quality tournaments fans have become accustomed to. This also allows aspiring pro players a chance to show off their skills.

The Paladins Global Series will consist of 10 monthly tournament in 7 regions. This allows PC players from South Asia, Russia, North America, Brazil, Latin America. Europe, and Oceania to be eligible, but current Paladins Premier League players are excluded from this.

“The Paladins Global Series and its corresponding esports broadcast will allow players to develop their skills, get noticed by pro teams, and get paid,” said Todd Harris, Paladins Executive Producer and Hi-Rez Studios Co-founder.

Each monthly tournament will consist of three weeks of open bracket play, offering Crystal prizing and qualifying the top 8 teams in each region. Those top 8 teams will then face off in the monthly finals, with cash on the line.

The Paladins Global Series kicks off on Aug. 1, and runs for 10 months. A whopping $35,000 in cash prizing and tens of thousands of Crystals will be awarded to Paladins Global Series players each month.

Further announcements regarding Paladins pro eSports, including the all-new Paladins Premier League and the future of Paladins Console Wars, will be made in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Players can learn more about the Paladins Global Series and join the competition by visiting the official Paladins Global Series Facebook Group, facebook.com/groups/PaladinsGlobalSeries/ .

If you are an eSports Organization and you don’t have a Paladin’s team yet, this is the best time to a acquire one.