BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp Review

The BenQ e-Reading LED desk lamp seems big & a bit pricey. But after a few weeks using the lamp, is it worth the price and space on your desk?

Having the appropriate lighting in a work environment is very important for productivity. BenQ has a desk lamp made to work while we work on screens (monitors and tablets). And while there are many lamps in all different price ranges, not all work the same. I had the chance to check out the BenQ E-Reading Lamp for a few weeks.

Setup and Design

BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp - base

The E-Reading desk lamp is supposed to help you have a properly lit environment for working. As a person with an eye condition, proper lighting is everything for me. The round base of the E-Reading desk lamp is very, very heavy. It’s over eight inches in diameter. You feel the quality of this lamp all around, especially in the base unit. When you mount the arm of the lamp onto the base, it’s solid as well. There is a pin on the base you slide the lamp arm onto. Once you do that, you screw it to ensure the mount. No flimsiness or droop from the lamp.


The base won’t slide around either. If the base takes too much space on your desk you can use the clamp to mount the lamp onto. The clamp is not included and you would have to buy it separately.

BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp - chrome power button - light setting knob
The cord is wrapped in fabric and is very thick. The fabric is the color of the lamp cover. In my case, the fabric is gold. The power supply is a separate piece the fabric cord plugs into (via jack).


With three adjustable points on the arm, there are many ways to angle the light. You can straighten out the arm completely or angle it for preferred lighting. You can get it very low to focus on a certain area of the workspace or higher up to get more coverage.

On the lamp head is where you have the controls. You will find a knob on the lamp head itself, and a metal ring at the end of the lamp head. The ring controls the power. The knob controls lighting temperature and brightness. The ring has an “ambient light” setting to help you when working with screens. It adjusts the lighting so there is no glare on the screen.


The design of the lamp is very modern looking. It’s one of the first things, guests notice on my desk. Besides the lamp-head being large, the gold cover and chrome ring are noticeable.



 BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp - Warm Lighting setting    BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp - Cool Lighting setting


As I stated earlier, I have a minor eye condition which makes it difficult for me to work long hours with bright lights over me and in front of me. This is why I prefer, lamps in general. It’s more manageable. But working in low light can sometimes hinder my productivity. I can say that the adjustable lighting makes all the difference since some days I need softer lighting and other days I need stronger lighting. You get used to the to the knob shortly after. The colors range from very warm (2700 Kelvin) to cool (5700 Kelvin). I love that it powers on and off with a light tap of the chrome ring. The only minor issue is the knob being above the lighting. It would be easier to control the lighting from the base instead of reaching up and over the lamp.

Pricing and Availability

The original price of the BenQ E was rather high at $250, but since then it has lowered to around $189 (depending on the color). Even at the price of $170 it may seem too high, but you can’t beat the quality. You can buy the BenQ e-Reading lamp on

BenQ- e-Reading LED Desk Lamp - Bulbs

Who is the BenQ e-Reading Lamp For?

I would recommend this lamp to everyone. The e-Reading lamp can turn so bright that you can turn off all of the lights in the room and still work with just the lamp on. I think it’s great for both the office, home office space, and definitely dorm room. You have various levels of brightness to fit your needs. Learn more about the BenQ e-Reading lamp on You can learn more about BenQ and their products HERE