Logitech Spotlight: An Elegant Presentation Remote (Review)

Presentations are stressful, getting up in front of a crowded room, making sure you have the right slides in order, trying to time your speech so you won’t go over. All of things these things run through your head before, or that day of your presentation, that’s why, most of us rely on predations remotes to help make everything run smoothly. Now, although these remotes come in handy, but a lot of the times you’ll find yourself frustrated when the remote gets stuck and the pointer won’t move, or just don’t offer enough functions and customizations. Now, Logitech came out with their own -restating remote called, The Spotlight. The company says that the Spotlight will offer you advanced functionality,and easy to use. The remote also allows you to customize its features to your liking.

I had an esports presentation coming up, and wasn’t too happy with the remote I was using at the time, so I decided to try out the Logitech Spotlight to see if it’s hold up to what the company claims it can do. We know Logitech makes some amazing products, now let’s see if the Spotlight is another get great product.


The Spotlight has a very elegant design, with a dark grey finish. The Spotlight is aluminum, with three buttons on the front—The small button on the top, which is the same color as the remote, is the Pointer, then you have the middle button, which is larger and black—that’s your Next button, and your last button which is the same size and color as the first one, is your Back button. On the back, you have a flat rubber materials that helps you obtain a firm grip. On the bottom, you will see a small tab with the Logi logo, this is your USB receiver, you’ll pull I‎t out and be able to place the USB-C which charges the Spotlight.


With the Logitech Spotlight you can customize two different settings, with the Back and Next buttons—you can do this through the Logitech software. The Spotlight app works for Windows and OS X.

The app is easy to navigate through, while in the Logitech App, you can set you Back and Next button to, Fast forward, Black screen, Scroll, Volume Control and Custom keystroke. Once they are programmed in order for the Spotlight to do the action you programmed, just press and hold the Next, or Back button. You can also adjust the pointer speed, you can also make the grow or shrink the Highlight/Magnify/Circle areas on the screen. The app is structured like a mobile app with large, easily identifiable icons and text in a borderless, portrait-oriented window in the middle of the screen

The Spotlight also allows you to setup a timer, so if you need a reminder to finish up whatever you’re doing and get ready for a meeting, or if your presentation is only 30 minutes long, and you want to make sure you don’t go over. What I really like about the timer feature, is that no one knew I had a timer set, most of the time when I set a timer to vibrate, I‎t makes a loud noise and everyone would look. The Spotlight didn’t make a sound—it had a slight vibration, so you didn’t see I‎t move in my hand.


The Spotlight’s pointer feature acts as a mouse as well. While using the pointer I hovered over the the link I wanted, I clicked the pointer button again and the link opened up. My setup is different for every presentation—with one presentation I had to show a couple of videos, so I made my back button my volume button. When I wanted to raise the volume on the video, I would hold the back button down, raise the Spotlight up, which made the volume go down—when I wanted the volume to go down, I would hold the back button and keep moving the Spotlight down until I got It to the volume I was comfortable with.

The magnify feature worried me at first, just because I’ve had bad experiences with trying to magnify something during a meeting and I‎t would come out blurry, but that wasn’t the case this time. I tried out the feature before my meeting and was actually impressed, I needed to show the team a logo that was in a picture, but was very small, when I magnified I‎t—you saw the logo without any issues, I‎t wasn’t blurry. Another cool feature you can use while using the magnify feature, you can adjust how big you want the circle, and you can also change the color—I change mine to red, not just because of my gamer tag, but because our team colors which are black and red.

The timer feature was a lifesaver! I had an hour and half for my presentation. So I set a timer so I wouldn’t go over my time—I knew I had to wrap I‎t up when my Spotlight gave me a silent vibration when I had five minutes left. This was perfect, I‎t gave me enough time to end my presentation without rushing.


The Logitech Spotlight is the easiest and most comfortable presentation remote to work with. The buttons are not too big, or too small making I‎t easy to find them without having to take your eyes off your audience. The Spotlight app allows you to customize your remote to fit your needs, you can change I‎t at anytime.

The pointer works without any issues, I‎t didn’t lag or freeze during my presentation, the magnify feature really helped me point out things, that I would be able to, and with great picture. The timer, like I said was a lifesaver, you no longer have to worry about rushing to end your presentation, the Spotlight will let you know when it’s time to start wrapping this up.

The Spotlight has to be one of the most elegant presentation remote I have used. It’s nice and small, fits comfortably in my hands and is extremely powerful. If you are looking for a new presentation remote, the Logitech Spotlight is a must have.

Price: $130