Nextbase 422GW Dash Cam Review

Earlier at CES 2019, I had the chance to check the 2019 dash camera lineup from Nextbase. I’ve had the Nextbase 422GW dashcam for several weeks and tried to use many of the features it offers.

Nextbase 422GW Design and Build

The Nextbase 422GW has a typical design of a dashcam. On one side you have the lens and the mounting base that can be changed to use the sticker or suction cup. The other side has the display with an action button right under it. If you’re looking at the display, to the right of it you have the module port, and to the left of the display you have the power button and micro SD card slot. Above the display, is the mini-usb charging port.

422GW Setup

The Nextbase 422GW is pretty much plug-and-play. All you need is to insert the micro sd card, connect the camera to a power source and it begins to record automatically. I do suggest taking a few minutes to fix the settings. You can pick from different recording resolutions, 1080 at 60FPS, 1080P at 30FPS, 1440P at 30FPS. You can also choose whether or not you want it to record audio. There is also the setting to choose the video length of the clips. You have a choice of 1 minute, 2 minute, or 3-minute video recordings. The mount is super sturdy. As for the micro SD card you use with the dashcam, I suggest getting at least a 32GB U3 SD card. Nextbase has their own lineup of micro SD cards. They go up to 128GB of storage.

Nextbase 422GW  dash cam screen. Mounted on car windshield

I have full confidence when attaching the dashcam on the Click&Go Pro mount, it won’t fall off. It’s amazing how securely the mount attaches to the There’s a port to add modules, such as a rear camera rearview camera, rear window camera, or cabin view camera. I don’t’ have any modules to test but I saw some of the modular accessories at CES. Not everyone will find a use for them.


Since I am in New York, I am not driving as often as I’d like and I park my car on the street. This means I can’t leave the dash cam mounted on the windshield. Luckily the 422GW is easy to mount and dismount with the magnetic suction cup mount known as their Click & Go PRO Mount. It’s very impressive! The touch screen is responsive but not too sensitive which is good to prevent accidental presses.

screen of nextbase 422GW dash camera

You can download the MyNextbase Connect app for more features. YOu can get MyNextbase Connect on Google Play (Android) and Apple App Store. Once you pair your phone to the app, you can update the dash cam firmware, connect it with the Amazon Alexa app, transfer files, and even get a live view of the dash camera through the phone. The Amazon Alexa assistant works with the bluetooth connection on your phone.

The app’s UI is not the best looking and since you’re outside most of the time you want to access the features, the internet isn’t always the best. Sometimes the app worked, sometimes it didn’t. I suggest you don’t rely on the app when you get the dash cam. Connect the camera to your PC directly or take out the microSD to get the dash cam footage. I hope with updates, they clean the app and so it’s easier on the eyes and more user-friendly.

So what would you use the app for? Like I mentioned before, you will do updates and phone pairing within the app. But in the event you are in an accident, you can transfer videos to your phone, or make sure to lock the important files so they cannot be deleted. There are a few features I didn’t use because thankfully I wasn’t in an accident. But in the case that you are, with the Emergency SOS feature, Nextbase can alert emergency officials where you are. Another feature, Incident Aware, allows you to send a video clip to someone of your choice.

Video Quality

The video quality is clear for both daytime and nighttime lighting. You have the choice of getting some information on the footage. Besides date and time, you get location and miles per hour. You can check out some of the footage, driving during the day and at night. The footage shown is 1080P resolution. After watching some of the daytime clips I do wish I had the Reflection Free Lens Nextbase offers. It reduces glare and reflection in videos. If you drive for long periods of time or will be using the dashcam footage regularly, I suggest adding this accessory.

Pricing and Availability

The Nextbase 422GW is on the higher end of dash camera prices. You are getting a ton of features beyond the videos. It’s sitting in the price range of $225 and up. If you feel you don’t use or won’t need Amazon Alexa, you an get the Nextbase 322GW which offers many features except access to Alexa smart assistant. You can find Nextbase dash cams on retailers like Best Buy, and Amazon.


The Nextbase 422GW dashcam checks off the necessary boxes and more. I recommend this camera for those who enjoy using Alexa smart assistant and need to have multiple viewing angles in the car. Don’t buy it for the app. The modular port would be great for that. The footage is clear and Nextbase provides different price points for everyone’s needs. This dash cam is definitely a go!