JBL Introduces New Personalization Option for Headphones and Speakers

The holiday season is here! With that, JBL Audio has announced their personalization site, Personalize JBL, where you can customize some of their most popular products.

Right now there are six products you can personalize, three wireless speakers, and three wireless headphones. There are many ways to customize your product. You can see the options below.

  • NEW JBL Flip 5 ($149.95)
  • JBL GO 2 ($49.95) 
  • JBL Clip 3 ($79.95)
  • JBL LIVE 400BT ($124.95)
  • JBL LIVE 500BT ($174.95)
  • JBL LIVE 650BTNC ($224.95)

You must first pick the base color. Then you choose to post a text or image on the grille of the speakers. When it comes to the JBL headphones, you have less room for text. But you can pick a color, and pattern as well. Text can go on both the lower and upper ear casing.

Learn more: Personalize JBL

As materials vary per product, so will the design. For example, JBL’s Flip 5 Portable speaker has a fabric lining where you will see the images and text, while the JBL Live 650BTNC wireless headphones will have the text on the plastic part of the ear-cup casing. There is way more room to write on the Flip 5 speaker as well, up to 400 characters. The more characters you put, the smaller the text becomes. You can also play around with the text design layout and really make the product your own. When it comes to the headphones, you can choose a different text for each ear cup, which is pretty cool.

Pricing and Availability

Depending on the product you choose, it can go from $50 up to $250As for the time it takes, once you customize and submit your design your product should be available within 5-7 business days.

Learn more: Personalize JBL