Mobile Gaming: What’s Popular In 2020

Mobile gaming is a huge industry, which is great for players because it means that every niche taste is catered to by tens of thousands of entertaining interactive experiences.

If you are looking to jump onboard with the games that are grabbing the most attention in 2020, here are a few of the top genres in circulation at the moment.

Battle royale games are bringing home the bacon

The battle royale genre has become a hit across a range of platforms, with mobile adaptations of desktop titles like Fortnite and PUBG still managing to rank amongst the top grossing mobile games across both Android and iOS.

These games are so compelling because they offer a great mix of multiplayer cooperation, resource gathering, shooting and suspense. They also lend themselves well to the bite-sized play sessions that are common on mobile devices.

Casino games are gaining traction

Whether played for cash or for free, casino games are making more of a mark on the mobile industry at the moment.

From slots machines to table games like poker and even live dealer games such as roulette, the selection of casino games available on mobile is undeniably impressive and players can pick and choose from the options they find most enjoyable.

Tower defence games are holding their ground

The tower defence genre seems to be one of the most consistently popular in the mobile gaming world, with franchises like Kingdom Rush and Bloons TD managing to consistently achieve high download figures whenever new versions are released.

The simple yet addictive gameplay lends itself to brief sessions while on the move, and the strategic nature of these games, along with the intense action onscreen, is enough to win over players who might usually be more interested in high octane titles.

Crafting games remain a paid-for hit

While the free-to-play model has dominated the mobile app industry for some years, with in-app purchases helping developers to claw cash from customers, there are still lots of players willing to pay a one-off fee for access to entire games, no strings attached.

Crafting games lead the way in his arena, with Microsoft’s Minecraft still reigning supreme over its rivals. Terraria is not far behind it at the moment, while hybrid title Stardew Valley is also still one of the most popular paid mobile games around, even four years after it originally released.

First person shooters are becoming more relevant

While mobile gamers have been able to enjoy a number of different FPS titles over the years, none of these has really managed to capture the imagination of the wider marketplace. That is slowly changing in 2020, as the release of the critically acclaimed Call of Duty: Mobile at the end of last year helped to prove that portable devices could play host to compelling, cleverly designed shooters in this genre.

Of course CoD: Mobile does follow some of the trends that are shaping the rest of the market at the moment; it has a battle royale mode baked into it, for example. However, it also gives fans of the original series a more focused FPS experience to harness as well, and the excellent visual presentation helps make it feel like a premium offering.

Card games are making a comeback

Mobile devices are arguably the perfect platform for playing card games, and there are more CCGs available on smartphones than at any point in the past. Frontrunners like Hearthstone continue to innovate with new card sets being released regularly for multiplayer face-offs, alongside the addition of fresh single player content and extra modes outside of pure competitive play. other options like The Elder Scrolls: Legends and Gwent give those looking for something different plenty of choice

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