Get ready for Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki Digital September 14th -18th

The kick-off event is taking place on Tuesday, September 15th. Be sure to be up early, because the superstar session with Neogames director KooPee Hiltunen begins at 9.00 with his opening address: “Finland then and now”. The Scandinavian country is often called “the spiritual home of the mobile games industry”. Finland is full of surprises, one of them being the juicy offers of  Unibet bonuskoodi, which give players hours of online fun. Just follow the link and find out by yourself.

In a couple of weeks, you will be able to learn more about the vibrant Finnish games industry. This year the five-day Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki Digital is happening entirely online. A great opportunity to join in for all those who cannot spare the time and/or money for a journey to Scandinavia. The conference will be attended by nearly 300 expert speakers from around the world. Knowledge-sharing will happen on Zoom, including 1,500 potential new contacts in the MeetToMatch platform. There will be side events like Investor Connector and The Big Indie Pitch.

On the first morning, speeches will be delivered by Futureplay Games CEO and co-founder Jami Laes, Nitro Games CEO Jussi Tahtinen, Fingersoft director of business development Daniel Rantala. The morning will be rounded up by a panel on the future of Finland’s game industry. The full schedule for the five days is available on the Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki Digital website.

Networking will be available in the week before the conference, because the all-new online meeting system is going live earlier. Participants will be able to search and connect with other attendees, to meet, discuss, do deals and make plans. Pocket Gamer, as the organizer, is offering an online version of its traditional conference activities, targeting specific groups with specific needs:

  • Investor Connector (developers, publishers and investors)
  • Publisher Speedmatch (developers and publishers)
  • Big Indie Pitch (all platforms welcome)

The event is specifically designed to help participants connect with the whole gaming industry, from students and indie studios to the media, international investors and publishers.

Pocket Gamer loves Finland. This is why they have been hosting an annual conference there since 2014. The natural beauty of Finland is awesome. Forests cover over 75% of the country. Alas, this doesn’t mean that environmental problems are absent: only 0.1% of the forests in the southern half of the country are untouched. The protection of this natural heritage motivated a group of Finnish game developers and companies to gather the largest single donation in the history, nearly €500 000, for the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation. Purchasing and protecting forests from southern and central Finland is the mission of the Foundation. The group of donors has chosen the name Pelimetsä, which means “Forest of Games” in Finnish. The group behind Pelimetsä will support two protected forest areas – over 330 acres of forest. They are launching an appeal to the European game industries and local games communities to follow their example and support the protection of the environment.

[Written By External Partner]