Nextbase 622GW 4K Dashcam Review – Another Winner for Nextbase

Nextbase came out with their 622GW 4k dash cam earlier this year. I’ve had the chance to check out their 422GW dash cam and became a fan.

Design and Build

The Nextbase 622GW looks like the dash cams in their lineup just a bit beefier. It’s a lot heftier than the 422GW dashcam. On one side you have the Click&Go Pro mounting base that can be changed to use the sticker or suction cup. The other side has a 3-inch display with an action button right under it. If you’re looking at the display, to the right of it you have the module port, and to the left of the display, you have the power button and micro SD card slot. Above the display, is the mini-usb charging port.

Setup and Use

With so many new features on this 622GW, it’s important to take a few minutes to set up before use. You can change the settings on the dashcam itself or with the Nextbase app. Some of the settings to toggle with:

  • Recording resolution: 1080p 60fps, 4K 30fps, and more
  • Record speed units: on/off
  • Record sound: on/ off
  • Connect with Amazon Alexa smart assistant
  • Video length (one, two, or three-minute files)
  • Dual Files (one high resolution, one low resolution): on / off

Nextbase’s lineup is modular so you can buy accessories to view inside the car or to view out of the back windshield.

Remember that for higher resolution use you want to get a U3 microSD card. Nextbase has their own lineup of MicroSD cards.
Setup is pretty easy. The Click&Go Pro mount Nextbase has is sturdy. Since I have to mount and unmount the dash cam every time I drive (I park in the street, in New York City), I rely on the Click&Go Pro mount a lot to mount the 622GW quickly and securely. It is one of my favorite features of the dashcam. This dashcam charges with USB-mini, which I think is so outdated but works for those who have had a dashcam in the past and want to keep the same type of connector.

Unfortunately, I can’t have a clean setup since I have to connect and disconnect daily. But if you have a garage or driveway to park in I suggest using the handtool to place the cable neatly alongside the interior.

The MyNextbase Connect App still doesn’t look as clean as I’d like but it’s still needed. As expected, you use the app for updates and changing settings. For features like Amazon Alexa assistant integration, MyNextbase Connect has to be running. You can also use it to transfer video files to your phone. That’s where the low-resolution files come in. They are easier to transfer when you’re outdoors with slow internet speeds. I usually opt to transfer files by taking them straight out of the microSD card on my laptop. Just quicker to drag and drop.

There were a couple of occasions where the the dashcam was locked up and not recording. I didn’t realize it until I parked because the screen was still on, and I really can’t multitask when driving. Not sure what caused it since the dashcam doesn’t stay plugged in for long periods.

622GW Video and Picture Quality

One of the most important features of a dashcam is video quality. I mentioned in my review of the 422GW that the glare was too much at times and wanted the lens filter Nextbase has but was always sold out. Turning the Image Stabilization feature made such a difference in recording steady video. I definitely recommend turning it on. Just note, that feature is not available when recording in 4K resolution.

Features for Location and Emergency Situations

With the 622GW dashcam, there is access to a feature called what3words. Integrated into the dashcam, what3words helps to access the emergency location using a three-word description as opposed to street names. Living in a large city, I assume it would be most useful in parks and similar open spaces. Of course there is still EmergencySOS which dispatches to emergency services in case of an accident.

Pricing and Availability

As expected, this is Nextbase’s most expensive dash cam yet. With all of the features and the high-resolution recording capabilities, the Nextbase 622GW 4K dash cam is currently at $399.99. If the price is too steep I suggest going with the Nextbase 422GW. You get 2K resolution and many of the great features Nextbase has to offer.

Website –
Price – $399.99 – Nextbase 622GW on Amazon


I absolutely love the 622GW dashcam. It has useful features for every scenario and the footage is crispy clear. It’s a hefty price but you won’t need anything after that. Nextbase has a suitable dashcam for every person and pricepoint. It’s a worthy investment for those who do ridesharing or are in company cars often. Nextbase has another winner with the 622GW.