We’re Not Just Talking Garbage “Can”

OK I’m a personal fan, always been of the iTouchless sensor garbage can. Having my daughter, I love it even more. I mean just think about it? Children love putting their hands in their mouth and with all those germs just roaming around a garbage can, my family doesn’t have to worry about touching it. Additionally, for us moms that cook at home, it’s a convenient way to toss out scraps without getting your hands dirty. The sensor automatically opens the lid so you can dump your trash. You also have the option of manually operating it. I would recommend the manual option sometimes since the sensor can be sensitive. Imagine just walking past the garbage and the lid just mysteriously opens up? That would be enough to spook the heck out of you. Yea I would know it happened to me when I first purchased the can.

So let’s talk additional features. For instance, the iTouchless trashcan MX 13 gallon has New AS Technology, an AI Smart-Chip, water-resistant sensor guard, removable top cover for easy cleaning, comes with a garbage bag retainer ring so you can hide the trash bag and it is stainless steel. I can say that the 4 D-sized batteries that’s used for this garbage can last a very long time. And although the price tag is 109.99 on the iTouchless site, trust you can find it cheaper shopping around online. All in all I have been using it for years and never thought to go back to the average garbage can. Am I gadget bougie? I guess so! *wink*