Bloom Inner Ear Headphones ATH-CKF300 by Audio-Technica Review

So I received the cutest pair of headphones and decided I wanted to do a review on them. The packaging I must say, is so cute, so feminine, so chic! I just love how the box has a pretty floral design hence the name being “Bloom”. That alone let’s you know that these earphones was specifically made with us ladies in mind. The ear buds peek out on top of the box giving it a pearly peek-a-boo effect. I couldn’t wait to test out the ear buds itself.

Now when I opened the packaging I noticed that the Bloom ear buds also came with additional ear cushions to suite your comfort. They come in small, medium and large. I found that the medium pair was a perfect fit for my ear. What I have also noticed was when you put the ear piece in your ear, it entered in a more upward motion as opposed to a direct inner motion. I love the slant because it makes the earphones feel much more secure and with it being slightly smaller than the average earphone bud, it gives it that much more ease of fit. Also, normally depending on the earphones I would have, I found myself struggling to get them to stay put in my ear but, with The Bloom earphones it was very simple and felt as if they were made for my ears.

So let’s talk sound! I have tried the Bloom Inner Ear Headphones ATH-CKF300 model on various devices and in different settings and I have to say the results have been magnificent. First and foremost, in my opinion, the earphones give off a surround sound feel. Audio-Technica boast that the Bloom Inner Ear Headphones provides long listening comfort and high sound insulation. I totally agree with them. I have played music on my devices, as well as TV shows and Netflix on my iPod Touch and again the sound quality has been far from mediocre. Even at max volume you still get a sharp surround sound feel. I’m really digging these Bloom headphones and they are definitely my primary go to for great sound quality.

The Bloom Inner Ear Headphones come in a variety of different colors and beautiful packagings. No matter your style, I’m sure you will find a well suited pair of Bloom headphones that are right for you. Overall I really love the style and quality and would highly recommend you grabbing yourself a pair.