Ditch the ugly 3D Glasses-Polaroid Perfect 3D Vision Collection

It’s the summertime, and with every summer comes “blockbuster” movies. Recently, releasing a movie means you must push it as a 3D production. Unfortunately, not all movies are really great in 3D but that’s for another post. What 3D right now means also is ugly used theater glasses. Those plastic black -USED- things that the news is reporting people are getting skin infections from constantly…gross.

Solution: Polaroid Perfect 3D Vision Collection.

Polaroid has several collections to choose from children to stylish adults and even including models for people who wear glasses (that would be me).

I’ve chosen to try a pair out while watching Harry Potter, Deathly Hallow, Part 2. I must say the model I wore, N8102, is for people who wear glasses. You put the 3D pair over your glasses and the shell hugs your frames so you don’t feel like you’re wear two pairs of glasses. The frames and specially formed lenses create an extended field of vision.

I’m certainly a fan now. No more used theater frames for me. You can find out more at

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