iPad Dressing – ZaggFolio

Got iPad 2? Tired of trying to punched out emails, content, proposals, etc on a touch screen? I say “YES!” to the second. While I haven’t made it over to iPad 2 ownership yet, I do enjoy my iPad experience so far very much. What keeps me running back to laptop everyday though is from one thing, a keyboard. The ability to shoot out detailed emails and documents. Yes, one could just buy a wireless keyboard. But why stop there, when now Zagg (the makers of very cool iOS products) has come out with the ZaggFolio.

Already Zagg has on the market the ZaggMate. I didn’t like the mate fully because while it had a great keyboard it left my iPad unprotected. Now Zagg has fixed that issue with the Folio model. Part hard shell cover for your iPad 2, part stand, and part keyboard. The removeable iPad keyboard works in combination with the built-in stand to give you the most flexibility of use. Type with the keyboard in, or out of the folio. Or just use the folio alone as a stand.

Bluetooth keyboard supports iPad 2 in both landscape and portrait orientation. Rechargeable built-in keyboard battery provides weeks of use between charges. The keyboard has iPad 2 specific shortcuts include volume control, music control, home, search, and copy and paste.

Price: $99

Size & Weight: Weight: 19 ounces, Keyboard only: 11.5 ounces ,Folio only: 7.5 ounces, Length: 9.75 inches, Width: 7.625 inches, Depth: .9 inches (23 mm)

Compatibility: Apple iPad 2, keyboard alone can be used with iPad

Battery: Bluetooth keyboard uses a 510 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery and will last several weeks of normal use without charging.