Eastern Collective Durable Charger / USB Cables

Finding charger cables that work and are durable is quite the challenge. Take a look at Eastern Collective's braided cable collection. Both colorful and durable!

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I know that I’m not the only one who buys extra charging / USB cables for my phones. I have a few problems with replacement cables, because while they look the same I am sure many can attest that they are not the same as the original.

The problems don’t stop there. After the purchase, if the cables miraculously do work, they have to enter the danger zone. What’s the danger zone? The danger zone is my purse. It’s this wonderful bag that contains my phones, makeup, battery packs and cables. Cables have a short life in my bag due to all the chaos. What’s a girl who needs extras to do? Enter Eastern Collective cables.

Eastern Collective Saved My Charging Life

If you haven’t heard of Eastern Collective yet, when you do finally get yours you will thank me. They have all your needs covered. While it’s hard to review a cable, I can tell you that Eastern Collective textiles cables are durable. How do I know that? They have survived the greatest obstacle which is my purse.

Eastern Collective Apple iPhone 5 iPad Mini Lightning Cable

I currently use the Lightning Ronald Collective Cable and the Micro USB Arctic Collective Cable the most. They are a suitable length at 3 feet long. The distinctive colors help me distinguish between the two. I wish they were a bit longer. But Eastern Collective has you covered in all corners. They have longer cables and all sorts of connections. Everything from 30 pin, to auxiliary cables, to micro-USB cables.

Eastern Collective Auxiilary Cable

Eastern Collective Scout Earbud Headphones

These headphones are unique looking and suit basic needs. The Eastern Collective scout headphones offer good sound from the 10 mm driver. You can control your music and calls with the control button on the headset.

Eastern Collective Scout Earbud Headphones
If you’re into that textile look and would like durable charge cables for your gadgets, Eastern Collective is a great choice. Check out the pricing below:

Eastern Collective – Micro USB Cable – PRICE: $17.95 – 22.95

Eastern Collective – Apple Lighting Cable – PRICE: $16.95 – $23.95

Eastern Collective – Apple 30 Pin Cable – PRICE: $17.95 – 22.95

Eastern Collective – Auxiliary Cable – PRICE: $9.95 – $13.95

Eastern Collective – Scout Earbud Headphones – PRICE: $32.95

Eastern Collective Collection - Analie @YummyANA