Samsung Level Series: New Line of Headphones and More Officially Announced

Samsung Level Heaphones Series -Over_On-White
Samsung Level, Samsung's new line of headphones and a bluetooth speaker has officially launched. More details inside!

Samsung  is branching out into the headphone industry. We first got a glimpse of this at the Samsung Galaxy S5 announcement, but now they have made it official. Samsung has launched “Level” a New Series of Premium Mobile Audio Products.

The Samsung Level series, includes 3 types of headphones. They are available in 2 colors. They also launched a Bluetooth speaker as well. Unlike other Samsung products these are somewhat simple in name. They basically describe what type of headphone they are: Level Over (over ear headphones), Level On (On-ear headphones), and Level In (in-ear earbuds). The Level Box is Samsung’s bluetooth speaker. The products will be out in mid-May. We’re still waiting on the exact date and pricing.

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Samsung of course has an app that will go along with it. The Samsung Level app:

Additionally, users can download the Samsung Level application, specially designed to enhance the Level Over experience, from either Google Play Store or Samsung Apps. Users are now able to customize their audio experience to fit any type of music, media, or listening environment through a comprehensive EQ system called Samsung SoundAlive. Through theSoundAlive equalizer, Samsung Level Over adjusts the EQ to create the perfect balance of sound. Additionally, SoundAlive enables users to further apply 3D audio, bass and clarity effects to every media type, including music, streaming services, games and movies. SoundAlive also offers a very unique experience with 25 settings for different scenarios like Pop, Rock, Jazz or Classic and so on. The Samsung Level app also has a protective and smart volume monitor to prevent hearing loss along with enhanced text-to-speech capabilities.

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Samsung Level Headphones Descriptions


Samsung Level-Headphones -Over-Ear-Black


• Level Over is Samsung’s flagship over-ear headphone featuring superior HD organic sound, a comfortable ergonomic design, touch controls, and wireless Bluetooth pairing. The Level Over headphones have a 50mm driver.






Samsung Level Headphones Level On-Ear White Angle

Level On combines a compact style with a superior comfort and sound system to offer an immersive and on-the-gopremium sound experience. It is designed to provide a full range of natural and clear sound, flexibly dampening the air flow with a 40 mm dual layered diaphragm.

Samsung Level Series -Level-Headphones- Level In_Black_

Level In provides an immersive sonic environment for any activity with a powerful three-way speaker, letting users enjoy rich sounds that cover all the low, mid, and high sound naturally and with clear sound separation.

Samsung level box Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

• Level Box is a premium and compact Bluetooth speaker that features a solid metal design complete with a full metal grille. With a large (56mm) stereo speaker and a passive radiator, the system is optimized to deliver high quality sound that is powerful, crisp and balanced. The dedicated hardware design provides noise reduction and echo cancellation, and built-in microphone deliver clear voice, making it ideal for phone calls and conference calls.

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