Absolut Vodka (Reality) x Bob Moses Concert in 360 VR – Recap

With the Absolut Reality App and 360 we got to enjoy a concert performance by Bob Moses and felt like we were right there! #AbsolutReality

Technology has come a long way. Right now we can watch shows from the comfort of our mobile devices and/ or computers with no problem. Live streaming is a way of life, a convenient one at that. If we’re out of state for our favorite band, or one of our favorite companies is launching a new device; we often have the option of live streaming. It gives us the ability to tune into events from the comfort of work and office.

Absolut Vodka - Absolut Reality Labs - Bob Moses 360 VR Performance - Analie Cruz (6)


Even though livestreaming is amazing, and we have seen many products launch, artists perform, or witnessed personal events via livestreaming; you don’t get the full feel of the event. Enter Cardboard VR (Virtual Reality). If you haven’t heard of Cardboard, it’s an accessory made of cardboard which allows you to enjoy VR with your smartphone (with Cardboard apps).


Absolut Reality x Bob Moses Concert 

Absolut Labs (from Absolut Vodka) has taken livestreaming to the next step with VR. We recently got the chance to attend a Bob Moses concert through Absolut Labs with Absolut Reality App (on Android and iOS). The app works with or without a VR headset. Creating 360 VR using GoPros, we got to experience the Bob Moses concert being held downstairs from us. We got to experience cool things like virtually being in front of the DJ, jamming alongside concert goers. With noise isolating headphones or a very good surround sound system (depending where you are) help seal in the feel.

Absolut Vodka - Absolut Reality Labs - Bob Moses 360 VR Performance - Drone - Brooklyn - NY - Analie Cruz  (1)

Using virtual reality (VR) technology, Absolut Reality will bring you unique 360° VR live streams of concerts from across the globe – starting with a beta test of a roof top set from Bob Moses who played a sunset session on a rooftop in Brooklyn, NY on July 31st. (21 and over)


The concept of concerts in VR seems like the next step after livestreaming. I hope to see more acts jump on this movement, at least for special events. Seems like a great move when it comes to lifestyle tech. Check out the video and some pics of the event. Would you enjoy concerts in VR?

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