Cultivation Season Finale Episode 6: Ordeal, Death, and Rebirth

Red Bull Media House has released the 6th and final installment of, Snake Eyez House of Cultivation – Ordeal, Death, and Rebirth. In this final episode – fans will get an in-depth look at how this pro player, trains and how he pushes himself to become a better player.

This episode will also show Snake Eyez looking back at his competition during Capcom Cup 2015, and will give some insight about the plans he has with Street Fighter V coming in the next few months. Fans will also receive bonus footage. In this bonus footage, fans will go backstage with Snake Eyez as he takes us through what it feels like waiting for the next match during Capcom Cup, and how his opponent – Keoma took the pro player by surprise.

BONUS Footage Episode: Behind the Curtain at Capcom Cup 2015