Top 5 Mobile Games: February Edition

As we head into a new month, we have once again gathered some of the best mobile games you can enjoy playing on the road or at home. This month we have some big name franchises making their way onto our mobile devices.

Whether you’re a Final Fantasy fan, or even a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series, we found games that will keep everyone entertained. Now let’s take a look at the games that made the list for the Top 5 Mobile Games: February Edition

Adventures of Mana


Your hero will make his way through some aggressive enemies, the only way to defeat them is by using the combination of weapons and magic. Players will be able to pick from six different categories of weapons, you will also have eight different types of spells to choose from, they combine to help you through your journey. The controls for the game are pretty simple, you will have a virtual joystick with the option to auto adjust features to your liking.

Price: 13.99
Google Play
Apple Store

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories


Another installment from the Grand Theft Auto series has made its way to our mobile devices. Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories returns with shorter missions, but still gives players the same feel and gameplay, as if you were playing on a console system. You will take on the role of Toni Cipriani as he returns home to Liberty City. The game also allows you to use the cross-platform cloud save through the Rockstar Social Club.
Price: 6.99

Google Store
Apple Store

Splash Cars

screen640x640 (2)

This is a different take on a racing game. While the cops are waiting to chase you – you can choose any style of a handful of original splash painted cars. The fun part, is being able to leave of trail of colorful paint behind as you drive off. They offer player’s power-ups, this will help you when it comes to the cops, and also help make your racing car more powerful.

Price: Free
Google Play
Apple Store



Another great franchise has been remade to be playable our mobile devices, Final Fantasy IX. The game offers seven all new optional booster, this includes high speed mode and no encounter mode that allows players the ability to master equipped weapons as well as your gear. The new cloud system will allow players to back up and save data allowing you to cross play on other compatible devices.

Price: 20.99
App Store
Google Play

Family Brakes

family brakes

All of a sudden the brakes on your car give out and you will have to try your best not to crash into anything. Throughout the game you must try your best to avoid every obstacle such as; rocks, potholes, trees, canyons and bridges. Try to collect as many coins as you can. You can also unlock new and unique vehicles, show off your skills on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram as the game allows for you to record your gameplay.

Price: Free
Apple Store