CWL Anaheim Day Two: Placings

On Day Two, fans saw some of the biggest upsets when it came to their favorite teams. Teams such as FaZe Clan, Fnatic, Elevate and Str8 Rippin just to name a few – didn’t make into the Championship Bracket.

Let’s take a look back, on how these players were eliminated on day two.

FaZe Clan

Fans were sure to see FaZe Clan make it into the Sunday Championships, but the team to seem to be struggling during the tournament. The team did play well against other teams, but when facing against Cloud9 it seem like they just couldn’t get it together and Cloud9 was the reason FaZe Clan fell and lost their spot into Sunday’s Championship

Placing 13-16th


The team seemed to be struggling on day one, but on day two- their game against eRa seemed to show that the team was in a good place and ready to start taking names. The game against eRa seemed to give Elevate the boost they need going 3-0 against the team.

Elevate then went against MindFreak which was a close game – Elevate took the game in SnD 6-4 which had them play against Rise Nation. The team tried their best but couldn’t defeat Rise and lost the game in Retaliation HP 114-250. Putting Elevate in the 13-16th spot.

Placing 13-16th


This had to be on of the biggest upsets this weekend. Fnatic was one of those teams fans swore would be in Sundays Championships, but due to their lackluster performance while playing against Mindfreak and playing in pools, the team would only be able to make into top 16.

Placing 13th – 16th

Fury Gaming

Fury did their best this weekend as the team finished 3rd in their pools. It’s when the team had to play against Team Kaliber in loser brackets, that they started having a problem. Team Kaliber was up by one in Versus, in Retaliation SnD Kaliber took the point leaving Fury 0-2. Fury was able to grab a point, but it wouldn’t be enough as Kaliber ended Fury’s run 3-1.

Placing 13th – 16th

Str8 Rippin

This was team that many thought would make it to top 8, maybe it was because the team picked up StuDyy a well known player. The team did well in the loser’s bracket as they took out eRa in a 3-0 sweep, but the team had to face Fnatic which is where the team started to struggle. The first game against Fnatic, Str8 Rippin to the map 250-162,but Fnatic came back in game two, as well as taking Uplink 7-11 leaving Str8 Rippin in the 17-20th spot, Fnatic 3-1.

Placing 17th – 20th

Allegiance, Placing 17th – 20th

Rogue, Placing 17th – 20th

Mindfreak, Placing 17th – 20th

EnVyUs, Placing – 21st – 24th

Lethal Gaming, Placing 21st – 24th

Vitality, Placing 21st – 24th

eRa Gaming, Placing 21st – 24th