Samsung Introduces The Wall, A 146 inch, MicroLED TV #CES2018

Samsung "The Wall" MicroLED TV
Samsung announced "The Wall" at their First Look event prior to CES 2018. #CES2018

Samsung TV is one of the first events I go to at CES. This year at their First Look event prior to the official start CES 2018, they announced their new and the world’s first MicroLED 146 “TV. They call this TV, The Wall. Not only does it have a beautiful display, it acts like a hub for the household. This thing is ginormous and looks beautiful, as you would expect a Samsung display to look. Samsung says with this TV you can change the size to fit your needs. They didn’t go into much detail of how it happens though. So we’ll have to wait to see how it works, and how the mods can be added.

Samsung "The Wall" MicroLED TV

From the press release: At Samsung, we are dedicated to providing consumers with a wide range of cutting-edge viewing experiences,” said Jonghee Han, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “As the world’s first consumer modular MicroLED television, ‘The Wall’ represents another breakthrough. It can be customized to any size and delivers incredible brightness, color gamut, color volume and black levels. We’re excited about this next step toward the future of screen technology and the remarkable viewing experience it offers consumers. 

“The Wall,” with MicroLED and self-emitting technology, delivers incredible definition without restrictions to size, resolution or form. It replaces color filters with micrometer (µm) scale LEDs, which are much smaller than current LEDs, and serve as their own source of light. Thanks to its module-based, bezel-less design, “The Wall” allows consumers to customize their television to the size and shape of their choice. The modular screen can be used to create a wall-sized display, or simply let consumers increase their traditional screen size to suit a new room in the home.

The Wall - MicroLED TV by Samsung #CES2018

Samsung showed a new QLED TV that can upscale content to 8K resolution. They also showed their new line of smart TVs which will have Bixby, SmartThings  integration. With Bixby you can ask Samsung to show you your photos, or open a certain app and play a movie. This TV has a remote with a microphone on it. I was told you won’t be able to control the TV with the Bixby assistant on your Samsung smartphone — Yet.

From the Press Release: SmartThings integration into 2018 Samsung Smart TVs will also offer easier sharing, connectivity, and an overall simplified way to control the television and sync with other devices. 2018 will also see the launch of Universal Guide, an advanced program guide that allows users to search for specific content across all apps and programs and automatically recommends TV content according to a user’s preferences.

No exact pricing or date has been announced but you know it’s going to cost a pretty penny, in the meantime you can look at these pics. They obviously don’t look as good as the real thing, but you have an idea.

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