Spotify Premium for Family Can Redeem a Free Google Home Mini

Spotify Premium Google Home Mini Poster
For those that have Spotify Premium for Family, you can get a free Google Home Mini for the family to enjoy!

If you have a Spotify Premium for family plan, you’re getting an extra perk. Starting today, November 1st you can get a free Google Home Mini speaker. I have both, Spotify Premium for family and a Google Home Mini and they’re both great products. You can check out our review of the Google Home Mini here.Spotify / Google Home Offer

I went through the process myself and it was pretty easy. Once you click the link it takes you to the Spotify login page. Once you log in, and it’s verified, you will go to the Google Store page to pick which color Google Home Mini you want. Be sure that you see the promo code that reimburses you for the Home Mini speaker. Remember, it’s only the master account holder who can claim this offer. As usual with offers like these, it’s only while supplies last, so don’t wait to sign up and redeem!

Start the redeeming process here:


Google Home Mini - Smart home controls

To get the Google Home Mini start by going here: . Below you can see some of the commands to use on your Google Home Mini speaker to jam out with Spotify. The Home Mini does a lot more than play music. You can control smart home devices, ask for weather, check for events in your calendar, and even create and edit your shopping lists.


Spotify Premium for Family Gets a New Family Member—A Google Home Mini

With the Spotify Premium for Family plan, families have unlimited access to the songs, playlists, and artists they love—and love to enjoy together. Starting tomorrow, we are teaming up with Google Home to give Spotify Premium for Family master account owners in the U.S. a Google Home Mini as part of their subscription. Now, music lovers across generations will be able to share their favorite music with the entire family, simply by asking their Google Home Mini powered by the Google Assistant.

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Spotify Premium for Family subscribers already enjoy personalized Spotify accounts for up to six family members at only $14.99 per month. With Spotify Premium and Google Home partnering together to invest in voice, streaming your favorite songs and playlists has never been so easy. Once configured, Voice Match on Google Home can identify up to six people, meaning each person can enjoy a personalized experience. And it’s just the beginning.

Spotify Premium Google Home Mini Poster

“We’re excited to be partnering with Google Home to bring the magic of voice to our Spotify Premium Family subscribers. After all, what’s more fun than sharing the music you love with the people you love,” says Alex Norström, Chief Premium Business Officer. “For Family Plan subscribers, enjoying those moments will only get better. Now anytime their favorite artists comes up, they can simply say ‘Hey Google, turn it up!’

The Google Home Mini will be available for a limited time to Premium for Family plan master account holders in the U.S. at starting on 11/1*. We’ve even streamlined the set-up to get you started and playing Spotify sooner.

Google Home Mini - Smart Assistant Speaker - Listening

To start listening, just say:

“Hey Google, play Spotify”

“Hey Google, resume Spotify”

“Hey Google, shuffle some music”

“Hey Google, play my Discover Weekly”

“Hey Google, play Dinner Party music”

“Hey Google, play Study music”

“Hey Google, play Hip Hop music”

“Hey Google, play my favorite music”

“Hey Google, play ‘Angel by Lionel Richie

Then, when you’re in the zone, go:

“Hey Google, pause.”

“Hey Google, turn it up.”

“Hey Google, please quiet down.”

“Hey Google, like this song.”

“Hey Google, dislike this song.”

“Hey Google, skip forward 20 seconds.”

“Hey Google, skip backward one minute.”

And when you’re ready to discover more, try:

“Hey Google, play the next song.”

“Hey Google, what’s playing?

“Hey Google, who is this singer?”

“Hey Google, what’s this song?”

“Hey Google, what’s this album?”

Hey Google, when did this song come out?”

* New and existing Premium for Family plan master account holders can sign up for a Google Home Mini at starting on 11/1. Note, this is a limited offer, only available for U.S. Spotify Premium for Family users till December 31, 2018—so don’t wait.