Sutter Slim Backpack Review

I have more tech bags than purses. I usually have two or three phones, a tablet, and other gadget accessories. Tech backpacks are better suited for carrying these items around. These are my thoughts after spending the last few weeks with the Sutter Slim Backpack from WaterField Designs.

SF Bags - Sutter Slim Backpack Review - Cruz


What drew me to the Sutter Slim backpack is the fact that it is slim and simple. Most tech backpacks have a bulky or techie look. The Sutter Slim bag has none of that but in a good way. There are two colorways for the 11 liter bag. I got the all black version, Black Ballistic with Black Leather (big surprise there). The front center of the bag is covered in nice black leather, while the sides and the straps are made of fabric.

You have two pockets in the outside front of the bag, one pocket with one zipper going across for the first pocket, and the two smaller zippers on the bottom sides for the other pocket. Inside the Sutter Slim bag, you’ll find sectionalized compartments. Once you open the largest pocket, you see a large sleeve for your laptop and a slightly smaller one for a tablet. Across from the laptop sleeves, you have two six-inch deep pockets for smaller gadgets, phones, glasses, and battery packs. The zipper has a lining that covers the zipper stitching. On the back of the bag, you have the mesh sleeve that allows you to slide the bag over the handle of a luggage roller. The bottom of the bag is stiff, keeping the shape.


The Sutter Slim backpack came through exactly as I wanted. I was able to fit my 15-inch MacBook Pro and my 11-inch iPad and keyboard with enough breathing room to put some items across in the smaller pockets. If you have a bulky case on your 15-inch laptop, it may fit a little snuggly. The padded sleeves are enough to keep the screens protected. It sits comfortably on my back and didn’t feel sweaty thanks to the mesh sleeve on the back.

SF Bags - Sutter Slim Backpack Review - Cruz

I love that no matter how many things I had inside, it was never bulky. I use it almost daily since, for the most part, I’m carrying a laptop, a couple of phones, headphones, with a few other gadgets to and from the office. It doesn’t have much padding on the straps, but it has enough for comfort without making the straps looking bulky. While the bag’s zippers have a sealed look, the Sutter Slim backpack isn’t waterproof.

Pricing and Availability

The Sutter Slim backpack is made by WaterField Designs in San Francisco, California. They have a great lineup of bags. While a little on the pricey side, their bags complement a nice business-casual or even just a casual look. The backpack is available in Black Ballistic with Black Leather or Waxed Canvas with Chocolate Leather. It will run you $229 with an optional $49 more for the tech pocket pouch. You can see the Sutter Slim backpack and other gear at


I’d definitely recommend the Sutter Slim for day-to-day use. It has enough space to carry what you need, without the bulk. The size and form factor the Sutter Slim bag is great for crowded places (hello, New York City), and a balanced look. It’s a great looking back that protects your gear.our tech gear. I love it! Check the gallery for pics of the Sutter Slim backpack below.

Sutter Slim Backpack - WaterField Designs









  • Slim profile.
  • Stylish look with beautiful materials.
  • Sleeves and pockets for all your gadgets.
  • Mesh sleeve to slide on backpack on luggage handle.


  • Pricing may be higher than other tech bags.
  • Not waterproof.