Samsung Galaxy S11: 5 Things We Want To See Next

If you are a fan of Samsung, then I am sure you are already excited about the new set of phones which were released this year. In February Samsung Galaxy S10 was released alongside Samsung S10e and S10 plus. Later in August the Galaxy Note 10   will be issued.  During the release of the 48mp and 64 mp camera sensors, Samsung gave hints about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11.

If you are a Betway fan, you are probably asking yourself what your Betway88 app experience would be when playing on the Galaxy S11. Do note that Samsung releases its phones yearly, so you have to wait until February 2020. However, that does not limit us to all the things that we want to see next release from Samsung. Here is a look.

#1. Better Camera Specs

Samsung has one of the best phone brands in the world. However, they have been losing out their camera game to brands like Google Pixel and Huawei. However, S11 should be bigger and better. The next phone should have four lenses unlike the S10 which has only three; the rear 12 mp primary camera, the 12 mp second camera, and the 16mp third ultra camera.

The resolution in the camera is a bit low compared to the new handsets such as the Honor 20 Pro. According to the latest rumours, Samsung’s working on a new smartphone which will have 64mp resolution and this is the upgrade that we are looking for.

#2. A new sleek design.

Samsung has excellent phones, but they fail in one central department, and that is in the design. For the past couple of years, the brand has been employing the same model in all its phones; S8, S9, and the S10. Samsung should try and apply new technology to come up with a new and better design for the S11. Playing on Betway should be exciting, right?

#3. A 3.5mm headphone jack.

The headphone jack is disappearing in most smartphones, and Samsung is one of the few brands that is keeping the port. Luckily the S10 has a headphone jack, but according to the latest reports, it might be the last one of it’s kind. Bluetooth earbuds are becoming a trend, and as phone manufacturers try and get rid of every port, we hope that Samsung can still hold on to this feature.

#4. A unique front-facing camera arrangement.

The ‘punch hole’ front-facing the camera in the S10 is one of the few features that make it distinct. The camera is placed inside the screen, making it take a bit more space. However, for the S11, we are hoping that Samsung could place the punch hole camera under the screen. It won’t take as much screen space.

#5. A better performing battery. If you use your phone a lot, then I am sure that the 3400mAh battery capacity in the S10 is not enough. Thus the S11 should have a more critical ability, for instance, 4000mAh an above.

[Written By External Partner]