Deezer Launches App for 360 Reality Audio, 360 by Deezer

The music streaming app, Deezer launched their own standalone app for HiFi music subscribers to enjoy Sony’s groundbreaking 360 Reality Audio music format. The app is called 360 by Deezer and is available for iOS and Android users.

This follows Sony’s announcement of 360 Reality Audio a couple of weeks ago. The new 360 Reality Audio is an evolution in immersive audio experience utilizing object-based spatial audio technology. The new audio format lets the listener experience music as if they’re in the audio booth with their favorite artists. Music fans can use their normal headphones to enjoy it and no special hardware is needed. Software one part of it, as hardware is another part. We had the chance to check out some of the tracks available Sony’s 360 Reality Audio format. Deezer was one of the apps. Deezer says the catalog starts out small but is growing.

In order to enjoy the 360 by Deezer app, users need an active Deezer HiFi subscription. The app will have a small but growing music library at first and more tracks from a wide range of genres will be added over time, as music gets remastered by artists. As of today, artists including: Aerosmith, Britney Spears, Earth Wind & Fire, Marvin Gaye and Miles Davis are available on the 360 app.

Listeners will find featured albums in the new format, along with a 360 editorial playlist in the new app’s recommendation page. Users can also discover 360 Reality Audio tracks by scrolling through the list of artists. 
Deezer’s regular app syncs with 360 by Deezer, enabling music fans to easily access their favorite songs without having to switch over. Users can choose to ‘toggle’ favorite songs in 360 or merge regular tracks with those in 360 Reality Audio format.  

Some of the tracks we listened to on Sony 360 Reality Audio

Stefan Tweraser, Chief Product and Growth Officer at Deezer commented: “Our new app offers HiFi enthusiasts a dedicated and exclusive experience where they can easily access their 360 Reality Audio tracks. The new format provides music fans with a virtual audio experience that could previously only be achieved with special sound gear in a dedicated space. Now, with the 360 by Deezer app, all they need is a pair of headphones.”

Deezer and Sony are also offering three months free Deezer HiFi on the purchase of select Sony headphones for a limited time. After the three months trial passes, Deezer HiFi will be infinitely priced at $14.99, rather than $19.99.  You can now download the new 360 by Deezer app on the Apple App Store and on Google Play