Fashionable Gifts for the Geeky and Proud

[Written By External Partner]

It wasn’t all that long ago that being called a geek was an insult. Now, we are proud to be labelled as such, and even top fashionistas and influencers try to emulate ‘geek chic’. If you have someone in your life who is proud to be nerdy, here are some great gift ideas for birthdays, achievements, or just because.

Subscription Boxes

These boxes are great if you can’t make your mind up. There are many different themed boxes available, and you can buy them as subscriptions or one-offs. From Dungeons and Dragons to Harry Potter, each box contains a selection of geeky treats depending on which you order, and could include clothing, stationery, comics, or toys.


Many of us have geeky apparel that we display proudly when out and about, but what about those who like to be a little more understated? Why not kick off someone’s collection with a pair of nerdy by nature socks, or even some themed underpants?

Travel Mugs

Even people who have to dress smartly for the office job can still proudly display their inner geek. With around 64% of Americans drinking coffee every day, a travel mug is the perfect practical fashion accessory, and if the recipient doesn’t like coffee, they can always fill it with tea, juice, or a protein shake!


The vast majority of women own at least one handbag, and the number of men who own bags is also rising. Bags are a practical way to show your appreciation for your geeky passion, whether you prefer rucksacks, totes, laptop bags or purses.

Themed Apparel

The joy of many favorite franchises is that they have a range of apparel designed to mimic clothing featured in their books, films or series. For Harry Potter fans, there are cloaks in each of the four house styles; Star Trek fans can wear t-shirts which mimic the uniform; and there are accessories such as swords, costumes, wands, and badges based on almost any fandom imaginable.


The classic nerd t-shirt. Everyone knows them, and thanks to the rise of geek culture, you can now get them for almost every fandom that exists, whether your intended recipient likes board games, movies, TV shows, books, comics, or computer games.


It is not only Howard Wolowitz who likes novelty belt buckles! Perfect for fans of superheroes, they come in many designs and are very collectible – something you can keep adding to over time.

Baby Clothes

Whether for your own child or a friend’s, there are mini versions of many adult geek related items of clothing on the market. Imagine the look on your Zelda-loving best friend’s face when they open up a cute Link onesie, or maybe you want to encourage your offspring’s path into the same Hogwarts house as you, by dressing them in an appropriately colored vest? You are never too young to display your geek colors with pride. With the whole world embracing the nerd, there is a wider range of fashion available than ever before, so even those who want to stay traditionally stylish are sure to find something which provides the best of both worlds.