Speck Introduces ClickLock Mobile Accessories for iPhone

Speck, known for their variety of stylish and durable cases, has added more products to their mobile accessories lineup. ClickLock, Speck’s interlocking magnetic accessories for Speck Presidio iPhone cases. The accessories include a car vent mount, wallet, and StandyGrip stand. With these accessories, the grip is stronger and prevents it from falling off from the back of the phone.

  • CLICKLOCK™ NO-SLIP INTERLOCK — Speck invented a patent-pending ClickLock No-Slip Interlock for its Presidio® iPhone cases and new Car Vent Mount that form a mechanical and magnetic bond to prevent accidental separation. Gone are the days when a speed bump or pothole would cause an iPhone to tumble to the floor while driving.
  • CLICKLOCK ACCESSORIES — Speck designed two other ClickLock MagSafe accessories using this technology: The ClickLock Wallet, which puts an end to piggyback card holders falling off while being inserted or removed from a pocket. And the StandyGrip ClickLock accessory combines a 360° adjustable finger grip with a portrait/landscape media viewer kickstand.
  • STANDYSHELL™ CASE FOR IPAD — Speck invented a patent-pending StandyShell case to fit the 10th Generation iPad, Apple’s first tablet designed to be used primarily in landscape orientation. A press of one button deploys a kickstand that converts the iPad usage from handheld (portrait) to hands-free (landscape) and back again, greatly improving its usability.