Trellie – Wearable Tech for Women – Review

trellie-review-3.jpgMost women I know, myself included, usually keep their cellphones in their purse – which then seems to always gravitate to the bottom. Being at the bottom of your purse makes it hard to hear the phone ring or even feel it vibrate. For some people they have turned to smart watches to keep up with their calls but for those of us with iPhones or just haven’t been inclined to drop $300 there is a low cost option called Trellie – a handbag accessory that visually alerts you to incoming or missed calls.

Trellie is a keychain like gadget that hangs outside your purse or pocket, via ball chain, whose LED lights to alert users of and incoming call and flashes if you miss a calls. Trellie is easy to pair and can be used with any smartphone via Bluetooth. Once Trellie is paired with your phone the first time you shouldn’t have to pair again.

Out the box to connect, simply make sure the bottom of the Trellie is switched to ON, then make sure your phones Bluetooth setting is on. Hold down the front button on the Trellie until it flashes blue and red, when you see Trellie appear under “Devices” on the Bluetooth screen simply hit connect and you’re good to go.

Once connected Trellie will visually notify you of an incoming call by flashing blue and white. If you miss the call it will slowly flash blue until you place or receive a new call, move out of range (10 feet), or manually press the Trellie button. If none of that happens it will flash intermittently for an hour.

Trellie runs on AAA battery so you don’t have to worry about recharging anything and can even be turned off to extend the battery life. When your battery is low it flashes red letting you know to replace immediately.

  • Designed specifically for handbags
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled phones
  • Trellie device, AAA batteries (2) and silver ball chain included
  • Never miss an important call from your loved ones again

Trellie is covered in an industrial-strength gold or silver metallic finish helping it survive everyday wear and tear. I’ve been using Trellie for a few months and have tossed purses on my desk, switched purses repeatedly and even stepped on it accidently and it still looks like it did when I first took it out the box. Some may find it a little big for their taste but it’s no more intrusive then your keys would be. I find it to be simple and stylish while being totally functional. You can purchase Trellie for $49.99 on their website.