SteelSeries Releases The Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – the APEX M750

If you’re in the market for a new gaming keyboard, you should check out the SteelSeries APEX M750. The company has announced their new mechanical keyboard, which offers gamers a new QX2 mechanical switches, and of course everyone’s favorite – RGB lighting, which allows you to customize the APEX M750 just the way you want it.

The company listened to the gamers opinions, and have added several upgrades, such as the SteelSeries Engine – the upgrade gives players an easy way to navigate through the different selections; chat notifications through Discord, and ImageSync. ImageSync allows you to create complex lighting, as well as allowing gamers to upload any animated GIF and automatically converting it into a customized lighting effect.

“Gamers have strong and vocal opinions about keyboards; and it’s a crowded market with vast options of different switches, features and materials, but there are always compromises. That is what makes the Apex M750 different – we didn’t compromise on any of it, instead we listened and are delivering the complete package,” said SteelSeries CEO, Ehtisham Rabbani. “With the launch of the new keyboard we are proud to bring new and first-to-market SteelSeries Engine features to gamers, like the Discord App, ImageSync and more.”

Here are some of the New SteelSeries Engine Apps:

ImageSync is the easiest way to create complex lighting, allowing gamers to simply upload any animated GIF and automatically converting it into a customized lighting effect.

Audio Visualizer syncs the illumination on the M750 (and all SteelSeries illuminated products) with any music or playlist of the user’s choice Gigantic, the popular strategic shooter, is now integrated with SteelSeries Engine, delivering real-time, in-game reactive illumination and haptic feedback across all SteelSeries-compatible devices

SteelSeries Engine users can still experience:

PrismSync dynamically syncs multi-color lighting effects between the M750 and all other Prism-enabled gear GameSense lighting provides immersive, reactive effects that respond to in-game events like low ammo, health and cooldown timers.

If you are looking to add the The APEX M750 to your gaming set-up, the APEX M750 is available now at for $139.99.